Senna leaves, peppermint, coriander - 21,6 g

Regúlate from Yogi Organic, in its box of 21.6 grams with 12 sachets, is a purifier of high effect. Its laxative effect manages to eliminate toxins that affect the health and also discards the fats in the organism. In addition, its combination with anise, mint and caraway achieves a relaxing effect that prevents discomfort in the stomach. It contains no gluten.

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    Regúlate from Yogi Organic is an excellent regulator of the organism to eliminate toxins and fats.

    Regúlate from Yogi Organic is offered commercially in packs of 21 grams. It is made from senna leaves. This plant is known for its cleansing properties of the body. For centuries it has been used as a natural laxative, thus achieving a high degree of digestive metabolism aimed at eliminating waste products from the large intestine. To make this happen in a relaxed way, without discomfort, is combined with anise extract, caraway and mint. In this way, discomfort at the level of the stomach is avoided. In addition to the above, the senna leaves are also recognized for its virtues to lose weight. This is due to the high amount of mucilages, flavonoids, sansoside active derivatives that together with the toxins also eliminate excess fat easily. In addition, its purifying function alleviates the body from other tasks in the metabolism and helps take care of the disintegration of the lipids. Undoubtedly, the Tea Regúlate from Yogi Organic is a great choice both to lead a healthy life and to avoid uncomfortable overweight, which can also lead to disorders that threaten our daily lives.

    The sen plant has been used in Europe since the 11th century. Very used in alternative medicine because of its high healing and purifying power. It is usually categorized as a natural cleanser of the body, mainly because of its laxative effects that stimulate the elimination of harmful substances and supplements obtained in food. It is worth mentioning that its effect is almost immediate and if the appropriate dose is exceeded it can cause discomfort, swelling and pain in the stomach. In order to avoid this, the tea Regúlate from Yogi Organic is correctly measured so that it does not cause inconveniences. In addition, it is accompanied by a certain amount of anise, caraway and mint to minimize the pain and discomfort that may appear. Even thanks to these last ingredients it is possible to feel a pleasant smoothness in the intestinal flow and certain level of relaxation in the body. It is an infusion designed in an integral way, to improve not only the digestive system but also the metabolism in general. 100% natural. An important fact is that it does not have gluten and is therefore perfect for people diagnosed with celiac disease.

    Facts of Regúlate from Yogi Organic

    • Sold in boxes of 21.6 grams
    • Each box contains 12 sachets
    • A base of sen leaves
    • Combined with anise, mint and caraway
    • Body purifier
    • Does not contain gluten

    It is a drink of exquisite flavor that helps eliminate toxins thanks to its laxative effect. Ideal for fighting overweight and leading a healthy life. Recommended for those who are gluten intolerant.

    Recommended Use: consume one to two cups a day. The right time to ingest is at night after dinner.

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