In your shape - 21,6 g

In your shape from Yogi Organic is a green tea that is able to give your body multiple benefits made with 100% natural ingredients that work together to reduce tiredness, stress or sleep that your body might need and above all strengthens the immune, nervous central and digestive system and invigorating your health.

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    In your shape from Yogi Organic strengthens the immune system.

    In your shape from Yogi Organic is a green tea that is made with caffeine, mate and guarana which gives us energy and well-being to our organism. Caffeine helps keep us more active and even enhances learning performance, it is also a central nervous system stimulant that prevents fatigue, tiredness, dreams and exhaustion. Also, its guarana component contributes all the benefits explained above and is ideal for migraines, depressions, stress, constipation and much more.

    Thanks to the herbal tea (mate), component contained in the product helps to improve cardiovascular problems, stimulates the immune system, prevents premature aging and in turn prevents stress. Its properties in antioxidants (it avoids the oxidation of the cells), vitamins and minerals are those that work in favor of those benefits. In your shape from Yogi Organic is a 100% natural drink that can be ingested at any time of the day and when you feel exhausted or tired, with an important and sufficient contribution to health rich in vitamin C and, more importantly, improves the digestive system.

    Facts of In your shape from Yogi Organic

    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Prevents premature aging, thanks to its antioxidant content.
    • Ideal for preventing constipation.
    • Made of natural ingredients which are ideal for high energy.
    • Excellent for burning fats and contains a high content of vitamin C.
    • Improves health notably and is free of dyes.
    • Protects the body from common colds, like the flu.
    • This product is made with Guarana, Mate and Caffeine.
    • Allows us to be more active.
    • Low in fat and helps maintain weight.

    Many times we feel a little tired, with constipation and sleep because we do many daily physical activities, for it is recommended to take In your shape from Yogi Organic as it contains properties that avoid all those bad symptoms. Also, it is low in fat, rich in antioxidants and vitamins that does not allow the cells to oxidize preventing aging; It is also ideal in any usual diet as it does not influence weight gain. All these discomforts can be eliminated by just having a cup of this tea daily to improve not only your health but also your lifestyle.

    Recommended Use: you should pour a sachet of this product in a cup of boiling water and leave to stand for about 5 minutes, at least and if you want a more intense flavor can leave to rest about 8 minutes. It is also recommended that it be ingested one hour after meals to improve digestion.

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    • 11/30/2017

    como infusion en cualquier hora del dia

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