Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic, in its presentation of 21.6 grams, is a drink 100% natural with infinity of health benefits. It is antioxidant, very good for raising the immune system, contains a huge amount of vitamin C, eliminates halitosis and better the digestive system.

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    Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic, good source of antioxidants and vitamins for the body.

    Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic is sold to the general public in a 21.6 gram format. It is widely recognized for being a meditative invigorator. For many years, the combination of Green Tea and Lemon has been spread on the grounds of natural medicine. It has a huge amount of antioxidants that hold the immune system firm and prevent premature aging. It controls blood pressure. It has catechin and polyphenols, a pair of substances that disinfect the oral cavity and prevent both halitosis and infections in the gums. It detoxifies the skin and minimizes the appearance of anti-aesthetic acne. Very good for safeguarding the liver from toxins, thus helping to keep problems such as liver cirrhosis at bay. It has a significant amount of flavonoids that whet the appetite and cure stomach pains. Finally, it should be noted that regular consumption of Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic helps to lose weight. Its contents allow to optimize the metabolism, obtaining that the excess of fat is eliminated from the body. Without doubt, it is an excellent option to have a healthy life and to achieve a balance within the body.

    Consumption of Green Tea with Lemon is quite common in alternative medicine and popular healing methods. In essence there are three properties. The first implies that it is excellent for burning fats. Its contents allow the lipids contained in the body to be eliminated very quickly, avoiding above all that they accumulate in the veins, thus preventing the dangerous disease known as atherosclerosis. It is recommended to drink it after meals to improve digestion. It makes the digestive tract work better and therefore discard through the large intestine the excess fat present in the meals. The third great advantage is its benefits as an antioxidant, also having an enormous dose of vitamin C. Therefore, it causes the natural aging process to slow down and manages to keep the body from diseases such as the common cold. The benefits of the Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic are quite a good idea for those who want to supplement their diet and improve their health and lifestyle in general.

    Facts of Green Tea and Lemon Grass from Yogi Organic

    • Sold in packs of 21.6 grams
    • Made from natural ingredients
    • Improves digestive system
    • Powerful antioxidant
    • Powers the immune system
    • Helps remove fats from the cardiovascular system

    Consuming one or two cups of Green Tea with Lemon Grass daily makes overall health improve noticeably. Antioxidant and fat burner. Excellent relaxing and digestive.

    Recommended use: preferably drink it one hour after meals, because that way it manages to act on the digestive system more effectively.

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