Double Mint from Yogi Organic is a comforting and stimulating herbal tea with sweet-smelling aroma that helps to clear the cobwebs away, keeping calm, relieving tension and letting ideas flow. It contains natural extracts of peppermint, mint and grass lemon, from ecological farming to lead a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

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    Double Mint from Yogi Organic, Comforting and lightly stimulating herbal tea to keep the mind calm.

    Double Mint from Yogi Organic is a relaxing herbal tea with natural extracts of peppermint, mint and grass lemon, which gives a little refreshing and tonic touch to help clear the cobwebs away. Ideal to take at any time of the day, to free tension and to hold positive thoughts. Peppermint is an one of the most used herbs in natural medicine because of its stimulating, digestive and respiratory properties, for that reason, it is highly recommended to relieve the abdominal swelling, to treat cough, to stimulate the central nervous system and improving the digestive process. In this occasion, Yogi Organic not only brings all advantages of this authentic plant along, but also add a lightly hot taste with a nicer aroma to offer more benefits at the moment of drinking it.

    Now then, we cannot forget the delicious input of peppermint in Double Mint from Yogi Organic because it is also a perfect plant to relax, solve nervous problems and get relief against the menstrual pains. Taking it frequently will help anybody to get a better rest and to feel light all day long. In addition, grass lemon is another of the natural ingredients of Double Mint from Yogi Organic, being this rich in essential oils with citrus taste, ideal to decrease fever, to disintoxicate the organism and to give better appearance to the skin's tissues. In order to obtain all these advantages, it is not necessary to turn to the traditional preparation in which you had to look for grasses and then crush them to prepare herbal teas, on the contrary, today we can count on Yogi Organic since it provides us with the best tea (Double Mint), which comes in comfortable sachets of 21.6 g ready to serve in a cup with hot water and enjoy.

    Facts of Double Mint from Yogi Organic

    • Contains natural extracts of peppermint, mint and grass lemon
    • Ingredients from organic farming
    • Without gluten, additives and lactose
    • 100 % natural and healthy
    • Stimulates relaxation and keeps the mind calm
    • Ideal to treat the accumulated tension
    • Improves the digestive system
    • Light stimulating effect to accomplish the activities without stress
    • Comfortable presentation in sachets of 21.6 g, ready to prepare anywhere

    Double Mint from Yogi Organic adapts to any kind of needs because its ingredients come from ecological farming, being a delicious herbal tea free of gluten, additives and lactose, totally suitable for vegans or anybody that wants to carry a natural way of life.

    Recommended use: in a cup or glass with 250 ml of hot water, pour a sachet of 21.6 g. Let stand for 5 minutes and have a good time.

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