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Yamamoto Iso-FUJI is a high quality whey protein, perfect for sportspeople with a very demanding physical activity. It has been developed through a cross flow ultrafiltration process, which includes Voliactive® quality microfiltration. It is a specialized product improves muscle mass in terms of growth and maintenance.

    Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto is an incredible source of energy, stamina and muscle improvement. No matter what type of sport you practise.

    Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto is an excellent nutritional supplement, which will provide you with high quality pure whey proteins. Get everything you need to get muscle mass and keep it for a long time. It also includes vitamin B6, which is very important in order to avoid fatigue. It also includes bromelain, a natural enzyme for a quick nutritional assimilation.

    Essential characteristics of Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition

    • It contains high quality whey proteins.
    • It improves your muscle mass improvement.
    • It helps you to keep your muscle mass up.

    What is in each dose of Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition?

    Each dose of 30 g has the following:

    • It contains 109 Kcal.
    • It has 0.3g in fats that include 0.2 g of saturated fats.
    • It has 0.5g in carbohydrates that include 0.5 g in sugars.
    • It provides 0.3g in dietary fibre.
    • It provides 26g in protein.
    • It contributes with 0.42mg of vitamin B6.

    What can be achieved with Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition?

    Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition is a high quality whey protein with an incredible concentration of amino acids. It is perfect for sportspeople and athletes who perform physically strict workouts. It offers pure proteins obtained through a cross-flow ultrafiltration procedure, together with an advanced microfiltration method. The microfiltration is one that best isolates bioactive protein fractions, which are essential for the nutritional quality of this supplement. As a result, 99% natural filtered proteins are obtained for you to have their bioactive peptides.

    Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition helps you to satify an incredible muscle development. You can have it that it will provide you with the proteins you need to regenerate your muscles, help them grow and keep them up for a long time. You will have the necessary amino acids to complete the hypertrophy process properly so that to achieve the strength you need. Something you also have to keep in mind is that it will help you to keep your muscles up in a prolonged and sustained way, avoiding catabolism.

    Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition will also give you great power when exercising. Proteins are also a source of energy and strength, perfect for your daily diet. A combination of elasticity and extra energy will help you to achieve an excellent training. That is why they are essential to satisfy the requirements of every athlete who usually performs in a strict physical activity. It also comes in delicious flavours that you will enjoy.

    Recommended daily dose of Iso-FUJI by Yamamoto Nutrition

    • Dissolve 30g (3 tablespoons) in 250 ml of water or a natural juice
    • Take it before training.
    • Only 1 daily dose is recommended.
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