The exquisite Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health is composed of vitamins C, E, D, beta carotene and lycopene, which act together as a powerful cellular antioxidant, in that sense, help your body to combat free radicals and promote cell renewal. This rich chewing gum is the best way to supplement your diet with these rich vitamins.

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Masticar Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health is the richest and most entertaining way to consume vitamins and antioxidants.

Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health provides your body with all the vitamins that its needs, in a very entertaining way. In addition, it is a delicious chewing gum that has the fantastic advantage that while it is chewed, your body will be receiving the active ingredients of the vitamins it contains, which are assimilated instantaneously by your body. It is basically composed of vitamins C, D, E, beta carotene and lycopene, which contribute to the protection and/or health of cells from oxidative damage.

Multivitamins are often presented in capsules and/or liquid formats, however, with the fabulous Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that multivitamins offer, but in a much more effective and very succulent way, because it is a rich gum that you can chew when you feel like indulge yourself with a delicious sweet. Moreover, all the active ingredients of vitamins are absorbed quickly, thus making your body get perfectly nourished, and, of course, without substantial losses of nutrients, or negative effects.

Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health has a super innovative formula, consisting of natural plants, which include vitamins C, D, E, plus, other extremely important substances, such as beta carotene and lycopene, whose primary function is to protect the body and cells from oxidative damage, which is caused by the production of free radicals. In this sense, vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, which is responsible for regenerating and/or repairing tissues. On the other hand, vitamin D stimulates the mineralization of bones, especially because it increases the absorption of calcium.

Moreover, vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, which means that it protects tissues from the terrible action of free radicals, and also intervenes in the formation of red blood cells. To top it all off, the exuberant amount of antioxidants contained in this tasty chewing gum acts positively to strengthen the health of the body and, ultimately, replenish the nutrients mentioned, especially in a diet in which sufficient antioxidant vitamins are needed, for athletes who carry out demanding workouts.

Facts of Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health:

  • No gluten.
  • No added sugars.
  • No lactose.
  • Compensates the daily vitamin requirements.
  • Provides vitamin C, D, E, beta-carotene and lycopene.
  • Protects cells against oxidative damage.
  • Helps the regeneration of tissues.
  • Rich flavor and very chewy.

The fantastic Multivitamin Chewing Gum from WUG Health is, without a doubt, a supplement indispensable for the care of your body and its proper functioning. So, do not wait any longer and acquire it, soon you will notice very pleasant changes in your lifestyle.

Recommended use: chew three units throughout the day.

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