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Wrist bands from Power System are ideal for protecting the joints when exercising with weights. Made of the best materials: nylon, cotton, leather and chamois leather. Perfect for those who exercise the arms and need to focus effort on specific muscle groups. It is an indispensable accessory for any athlete.

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Wrist bands from Power System, ideal accessory for high intensity exercises.

Wrist bands from Power System is a great accessory to exercise. It allows focus on the intensity of the exercise routines in specific muscle groups, without the need to force or hurt the joints of the wrists and to generate bruises in the same that then prevent to continue with the athletic routine. Likewise, this kind of product is always requested by the people who lift bars or dumbbells. This is because the ligaments can suffer problems with weights and effectiveness is lost in certain muscular groups if wristbands are not used. It is worth mentioning that this specific product is highly strong. It is made of nylon, leather, cotton and coated with chamois leather to offer maximum comfort to users. It has an adjustment strap to ensure the fit to the size of the wrists of each individual person. For all the reasons, it is an ideal accessory for the gym. Plus they are stylish and have the best design in the market for this type of items.

The use of wristbands for muscle power exercises is quite common. They are used to improve the grip on certain machines, such as dumbbells or bars with high weights. To a great extent, they are used to minimize the stress and fatigue of the wrists, making the moment of effort the least traumatic as possible for the joint. It also manages to release this area of ​​the body from the need to strengthen and concentrate the performance of the exercise in the biceps, triceps and other muscles that are usually those that are aspirated to enlarge with bodybuilding. They also help to fully meet the number of repetitions required in exercise programs. For example, it happens that a dumbbell lifter usually runs out because the wrist gets tired and the set comes to a halt. Thanks to this accessory, such inconvenience does not happen and people can continue to move the arm without suffering pain in the joints. There is no doubt that wearing wristbands is something necessary for any athlete, that's why this this product is offered, which is one of the best on the market. Highly recommended for its manufacturing and indisputable quality.

Facts of Wrist bands from Power System

  • Improves grip of dumbbells, dumbbells and bars
  • Concentrate exercise on muscle groups
  • Materials: nylon, cotton, leather and chamois leather
  • Highly strong
  • Stylish design

Wearing wrist bands is necessary for working with weights, that way you achieve greater effectiveness in the exercise and protect these delicate joints.

Recommended Use: put on the wrist and adjust it well so that it does not slip, that way maximum effectiveness is achieved.

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