100% Milk Complex a designed mixture of proteins of the highest quality milk even more enhanced by the addition of digestive enzymes is papain and Bromelain to maximize its absorption.

Milk Complex - 2,3 kg

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    What do you take it for? Gaining muscle mass and strength
    How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
    Size per dose From one to three services
    How many times? From one to three times a day
    When should it be taken? After training or as a snack
    Usos Gain muscle mass

    100% Milk Complex, proteins of milk and whey of the highest quality!

    100% Milk Complex a designed mixture of proteins of the highest quality milk even more enhanced by the addition of digestive enzymes is papain and Bromelain to maximize its absorption.

    This formula is a dominant combination of whey protein with milk protein, including isolated from instantanizado whey protein, whey protein concentrate and our milk über, a premium milk protein isolate!

    The milk may be one of history's greatest muscle building foods. This course contains a proportion of 80% casein and whey protein 20%. Our ultrafiltered milk protein isolate retains this relationship and provides the casein as micellar casein not denatured (rather than denatured caseinate, lower quality), since the product is not treated with chemicals. This also means that it is rich in protein from whey and casein microfracciones.

    With the inclusion of the casein micelle of slow digestion 100% Milk Complex It provides a stream of sustained amino acids for hours, release what is a fundamental anti-catabolica amazing feature for an increase in muscle building. Digestive enzymes papain and Bromelain, and help in the effective utilization of amino acids of proteins, also help to deal with the problems of the soft tissues of the body resulting for injuries in training thus enhance recovery and performance!

    100% Milk Complex It provides proteins from whey of better quality and a perfect amino acid sustained release to get the best performance, a greater recovery and better muscle gains!


    Directions: Mix 1 filler with 250 ml of water, milk or drink you prefer. 100% Milk Complex can be used with any food to increase your content in protein or separately, especially before or after training. Depending on your muscle size and their nutritional needs, use 1-3 servings per day.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 filler (30 g)
    Servings: 2.3 kg
    per serving

    calories from fat
    Fat total
    Saturated fats
    Total carbohydrate
    dietary fiber
    Anabolic amino acid matrix
    (pure Leucine, glutamine, taurine)
    Combination of digestive enzymes
    (Papain, Bromelain)
    Amino acid profile
    Aspartic L-acido

    115 kcal
    14 kcal
    1.5 g
    1 g
    26 mg
    48 mg
    130 mg
    3 g
    1 g
    0 g
    22.5 g
    1350 mg

    25 mg

    1125 mg
    610 mg
    1450 mg
    495 mg
    4500 mg
    385 mg
    383 mg
    1440 mg
    2485 mg
    2160 mg
    495 mg
    770 mg
    1190 mg
    1035 mg
    255 mg
    1450 mg
    315 mg
    585 mg
    1350 mg

    Reviews Milk Complex - 2,3 kg

    • 04/27/2014

    fantastic complex prots: they have a complete energetical spectrum which let you increase your muscular mass, try them!

      • 05/19/2016

      Whey muito boa, óptimo sabor, boa dissolução. A digestão está na linha dos produtos SCITEC: Neste caso, a digestão, é o que me faz diferenciar os maus dos bons produtos. Já consumi algumas dezenas de whey protein das mais variadas marcas, algumas têm uma digestibilidade bastante difícil. A linha de protrainas SCITEC é sem duvida a melhor.

        • 07/07/2017

        Gran calidad de proteínas y el sabor me ha gustado bastante lo compré por probar ese sabor y es posible que vuelva a repetir.

          • 05/18/2015

          Buen efecto. Pésimo sabor

            • 05/15/2015

            magnífico sabor y fácil disolubilidad

              • 05/15/2015

              La marca es la mejor!! Aunq a mi el sabor pistacho no me gusto nada!!

                • 02/22/2015

                Muy buena relacion calidad/precio.

                  • 12/23/2014

                  Muito boa proteina com o sabor muito bom

                    • 11/27/2014

                    una proteina fantastica ad ampio spettro, sono una buona integrazione alle tradizionali whey

                      • 05/11/2014

                      Buenisima proteina con solo 3 gr de hidratos por toma. En la prporcion ideal, 80% caseina miscelar, 20% suero.
                      El sabor chocolate belga, insuperable!
                      Precio inbatible! Me planto, voy a estar una larga temporada con ella, me encanta!

                        • 09/27/2013

                        Excelente prote de alta calidad, es sabor chocolate belga que uso yo, con leche fresquita hace un batido cojonudo al que le añades protes de caseína de la leche, con agua fresquita esta buenisimo también.

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