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Weider Prime - 60 caps

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Weider Prime from Weider is the supplement that everyone should take if they feel their testosterone levels are low and need that extra boost to face their day to day and fight stress, fatigue and also lose weight, thanks to its specially designed and scientifically proven formula.

    Weider Prime from Weider: the supplement that increases your testosterone levels in a healthy way.

    Having low levels of testosterone is something that all men fear, since having this hormone low decreases the performance of the body's resistance and training, causing you to do less repetitions and that each one of more cost, makes difficult the creation of muscle mass making the body prone to muscle catabolism, that is, losing it, decreases concentration and causes the body to accumulate fat (especially around the stomach) rather than easily burn it with exercise.

    This lack of testosterone usually occurs to people with a lack of zinc and healthy fats in their daily diet, people with high stress, obese people, who do not exercise and with few hours of sleep a day. 

    Weider Prime from Weider is a supplement designed to increase testosterone levels in the body efficiently and most importantly, healthy, thus avoiding all the negative effects of low testosterone. All this thanks to the Indian herb called Ashwagandha which was scientifically proven by clinics around the world achieving a "Golden Standard", of this herb extract KSM-66 which is an extract with a great concentration of Ashwagandha roots. Some of its benefits are helping to create a healthy response to fatigue and day-to-day stress, helping to maintain levels of mental clarity, concentration and alertness, often diminished by stress, and helps maintain a high level of performance in training and/or sports practice.

    Facts of Weider Prime from Weider

    • Increases testosterone levels.


      Helps weight loss.


      Improves concentration, reduces fatigue and daily stress.


      Improves the bioavailability of the organism.


      As presentation in capsules.


      Attractive packaging.

    Weider Prime from Weider reduces body fat thanks to one of its ingredients: the Chromax. It has been scientifically proven that Chromax helps reduce body fat by regulating blood sugar levels in the body, avoiding anxiety, and encourage the creation of muscle mass when training. Weider Prime from Weider also increases the absorption of nutrients in the body, this is called bioavailability, thanks to the Bioperine which is a compound extracted from black pepper, in addition, clear to improve the body's resistance and help in conjunction with the Chromax to reduce body fat. 

    Recommended Use: Take 2 capsules a day, always have to be accompanied by some food to make its effects as efficient as possible.

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