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Weider Classic Bar - 35 g

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Weider Classic Bar from Weider is a completely nutritious bar. Your best option to eat between meals, before training or on any occasion. It is low in fat, rich in proteins and with an energetic contribution that will allow you to carry out your daily training routines without lowering your energy level at any moment.

    Weider Classic Bar from Weider is a protein-rich bar to eat anywhere, without feeling guilty.

    With Weider Classic Bar from Weider, you can provide your body with a great deal of protein. In addition, it is low in fat and has a rich traditional flavor thanks to its chocolate coating. This product is perfect to provide your body with the vitamins you need to do intense workouts.

    Indulge in tasting the rich chocolate flavor of this exquisite product without feeling guilty, while providing your body with a lot of energy between meals. This bar has 27% protein, which is enough to obtain the exact amount of carbohydrates your body needs. These rich bars seem common and simple, but in reality they are very powerful because they fill you with energy, guaranteeing that your training days are more profitable, so you will get results in a short time.

    Increase your ability to exercise and achieve fully visible results in a short time by eating this delicious bar that Weider has put on the market. Take one of these protein bars before every workout and you will feel its great effect, since you will get good results in your sports days due to its great contribution, that also includes vitamins. Control your appetite with this bar, which will make you feel full, avoiding that you eat heavy foods at odd hours, which could cause uncontrolled weight gains and as a result, damage your physical appearance and even your health.

    Facts from Weider Classic Bar from Weider:

    • Product made under quality standards, with the use of natural ingredients.
    • Rich in proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.
    • Provides your body with a great contribution of energy.
    • Easy to move.
    • Easy to eat.
    • Has a very delicious chocolaty flavor.
    • Ideal for athletes or people leading a very active lifestyle.
    • Ideal for eating between meals and/or before training.
    • Generates a feeling of satiety.

    Weider Classic Bar is an exquisite and nutritious product made by the prestigious brand Weider. It is so good that once you try it, undoubtedly, it will become your favorite protein bar. In addition, you will be enjoying an exquisite and classic chocolaty flavor, while providing your body with vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. Feel its great effect in every workout, by taking your levels of energy to their maximum expression. Try these delicious bars and fill you with energy in every bite you take, without feeling guilty, because they will not make you fat, they will not damage your health and will help you control your appetite, preventing you from craving for heavy foods at odd hours.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, eat one (1) Weider Classic Bar from Weider before training or between meals, to get better results from your workouts.

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