Waxy Maize from Weider has an exceptional formulation capable of providing the body with a fast dose of energy that does not include sugar or fats. It is designed from corn starch and is enriched with vitamin C and magnesium to improve energy metabolism.

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Waxy Maize from Weider optimizes performance during workouts and provides the energy needed to execute them.

Waxy Maize from Weider contains 99% amylopectin which allows it to slow down the onset of fatigue and prevent hypoglycemia.

It is a sports supplement that is composed of 84% carbohydrates, 23% vitamin C and 50% magnesium, but the most important thing is that it does not contain fats or sugars. Amylopectin, which is a derivative of waxy maize starch, is 99% of the carbohydrate content. It is easily digested and quickly absorbed, thus achieving the perfect ingredient to recharge the glycogen reserves and to contribute energy at the right time. Waxy Maize from Weider is a nutritional supplement rich in vitamin C and magnesium to improve energy metabolism and proper muscle function. It is the perfect complement to ingest during the training to be able to provide the cells with the energy necessary for the physical activities, as well as also for the training to load the glycogen deposits depleted as consequence of the physical activity. This nutritional product is perfect for those sportsmen who want an extra contribution of energy and for endurance or strength athletes who have tournaments on a continuous basis. It also benefits people who perform workouts and want to renew glycogen stores after it, fitness lovers and gym users in the stage of muscle gain.

Waxy Maize from Weider can be combined with various products that are destined for recovery after the development of training such as BCAAs, glutamine or proteins. In addition, it can be combined with multivitamins or other supplements that are included in the athlete's diet for overall wellbeing.

Weider is a company dedicated to providing sports supplements of the highest quality, has high level products, made based on the most modern scientific research. This company designs products that represent the latest in food for all types of athletes, combines quality and innovation together with production standards based on good manufacturing practices.

Facts of Waxy Maize from Weider

  • Optimizes sports performance.
  • Delays the onset of fatigue.
  • Provides energy during workouts.
  • Promotes the process of muscle recovery.
  • Helps in the replacement of glycogen stores.

Waxy Maize from Weider provides your body with the energy it needs during training to achieve the best results. Now your workouts will be full of vitality and energy. It delays the onset of fatigue.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement for healthy adults, it is recommended to mix 30 grams of the product with 250 milliliters of water, before, during or after training.

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