Protein cookie from Weider is the snack that every athlete or fitness enthusiast needs to equip his body with the best source of protein and energy to maintain muscle and promote the recovery process after heavy workout. In addition, it is 100% vegetal protein for the good health of the sportsman.

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    Protein cookie from Weider, the best source of protein 100% vegetable source for muscle growth.

    Protein cookie from Weider is a delicious snack with a high content of vegetable protein and carbohydrates to help maintain the muscles and contribute to the recovery process after a high intensity workout. Weider brings us in a comfortable 90 g format the best source of protein and pocket energy. As we may know, proteins are essential in food, especially for those who carry an intense training plan, however, due to the high demands of the sport, it is necessary to provide a high content to reach the objectives and to meet the requirements, that's why, a Protein cookie from Weider is the perfect snack as it provides up to 22 g of protein.

    In addition, the consumption of proteins is vital to help the muscle fibers in its respective regeneration and maintenance, however, it is not as easy as it seems, is only achieved with a hyperprotein diet, therefore, it is recommended to consume a Protein cookie from Weider before or after physical activity for proper development and conditioning of the musculature.

    Protein cookie from Weider is the ideal snack for athletes or fitness enthusiasts who want to consume high amounts of protein and energy in a much healthier way unlike other snacks. Even its consumption is highly recommended for athletes with high physical wear, because when eating it replenishes a good amount of nutrients for the correct performance. We know that snacks do not provide as much nutrients as a balanced meal, but in the case of Protein Cookie from Weider it is specially designed to taste a rich flavor and at the same time provide a great source of protein to the body, exactly what is needed to fullfil the goals in the gym and to show a desired physical condition. Best of all, Protein Cookie from Weider is a product suitable for vegans, that is, it does not include milk or ingredients derived from animals, such as eggs. Also, it does not contain organisms modified genetically or artificial sweeteners, reason why its consumption is totally natural and healthy.

    Facts of Protein cookie from Weider

    • Delicious protein snack
    • Provides up to 22 g of protein per serving
    • Promotes maintenance of the musculature
    • Contributes to the recovery process
    • Helps improve sports performance
    • Rich source of carbohydrates for added energy
    • Contains no animal derivatives, modified organisms or sweeteners

    It is difficult to carry a hyperproteic diet for muscle development, especially if you do not have time to cook or prepare shakes, so the Protein Cookie from Weider thanks to its convenient presentation can be taken anywhere and eat when provoked to bring to the body's best source of protein in a totally healthy way.

    Recommended Use: consume a serving of 90 g before or after training. Also at any time of the day. Do not use as a food substitute.

    Reviews Protein cookie - 90g

    • 01/16/2018

    I like these protein cookies. They give a lot of energy before the training.

      • 09/21/2017

      Sin más, la textura es mucho mas dura que una cookie de verdad, que por lo general son esponjosas. Estaba dura y con sabor no muy conseguido

        • 09/13/2017

        Buenas galletas a la hora de picar algo muy buena calidad me encantan.

          • 07/17/2017

          un sabor muy rico pero para mi gusto demasiado azúcar

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