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Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider is a cookie made entirely with healthy ingredients, great energy value and an incredibly delicious taste. It is an ideal cookie for vegans due to its high content of vegetable proteins. You can easily take it everywhere, to have something healthy to eat at your disposal at all times.

  • VeganVegan
  • VegetarianVegetarian
  • Palm oil freePalm oil free

    Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider is the delicious and nutritious cookie that you were waiting for.

    Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider is a delicious cookie with which you can control your desires to avoid eating inadequate food. It is a source of high quality vegetable protein, healthy carbohydrates, and nutrients.

    Its consumption generates a complete anabolic state thanks to its high content of proteins and carbohydrates in a concentrated form. It helps to improve muscle recovery and also has an exquisite taste that will not allow you to miss the intake of sweets or any snack that contains sugars or refined flours. It is ideal for vegan consumption, and is a low-calorie snack that is ideal to consume during any diet.

    Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider provides a healthy source of energy, thanks to its vegetable proteins. With the consumption of these cookies you will be providing your body with complete nutrients to guarantee the rebuilding of your muscles. You will also provide your body with fiber, which is very favorable for the digestive system. They are more easily assimilated than animal proteins and provide the body with a wide range of vitamins and trace elements. Unlike other dietetic foods, it has a delicious taste that will give you the satisfaction of eating something sweet and at the same time very healthy. It is a perfect cookie for vegans, since it satisfies the needs of their lifestyle.

    After practicing any high-impact sport, the body needs to regain strength with carbohydrates and proteins that provide healthy sources of energy. Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider is a snack with nutrients that helps in the process of supplementation. In addition to the diet you are on according to the discipline you practice and the supplement that you are using, you can make sure that you are receiving all the necessary nutrients with this cookie. It is the perfect snack to satisfy your desire to eat, as it also provides a very pleasant experience to your palate. It's so sweet, you can hardly believe it has low calories!

    Facts of Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider

    • Vegetable protein.
    • Nutrients.
    • Carbohydrates.
    • Whole wheat flour.
    • Excellent for vegans.

    Vegetable Protein Cookie from Weider is a 100% vegetable cookie, excellent for vegans. It also has coconut oil that helps reduce overweight and also keeps at bay the desire to eat unhealthy food. It also contains whole wheat flour, whose antioxidants and phytosterols also reduce the buildup of fats in the body. It is a food that you can put at your disposal at all times. You can satisfy your desire to eat, with a delicious cookie that is also incredibly healthy. Consume this cookie to obtain a healthy source of energy and vitality.

    Recommended use: take one per day between meals or after exercising.

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    I like these protein cookies. They give a lot of energy before the training.
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