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Peanut Butter - 1 kg

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Peanut Butter from Weider is a new and tasty product that is extremely ideal to include in your snacks or breakfasts in a very special way, spreading it on bread, cookies or even crackers. By delighting this product you will notice its attractiveness and very incredible flavor. It also provides the best contribution of proteins, which come from the healthy and light content of peanuts.

  • VeganVegan
  • VegetarianVegetarian
  • Palm oil freePalm oil free

    Peanut Butter from Weider is enriched with protein from plant sources. It provides a delicious and healthy flavor.

    Peanut Butter from Weider is a delicious spreadable food that provides you with the best nutritional profile, since it contains more than 30% of protein, exclusively from peanuts. Peanut Butter from Weider is also low in sugar, contains no preservatives or palm oil, so it is very healthy to include in breakfasts, snacks, desserts, or even to prepare all kinds of delicious recipes.

    Peanut Butter from Weider is a tasty product that tells you that there are delicious foods very worthy delighting without going mad. In this regard, Peanut Butter from Weider is only made from overly light and 100% natural ingredients, especially for you to take advantage of all its succulent taste without regretting it later.

    Peanut Butter from Weider is made from a fit and completely vegan concept, because its content comes from 100% natural sources to enrich this appetizing food, such as rice flour and peanuts. In fact, Peanut Butter from Weider greatly helps vegans and vegetarians to dare to try something incredibly delicious without worrying too much about its origin.

    Peanut Butter from Weider encourages everyone to eat it, since it contains some of the best protein profiles of all available spreadable creams. In this regard, Peanut Butter from Weider provides more than 30% of protein per serving, so it can be a very perfect option for athletes who want to include more protein in their diet through a substantial product.

    Furthermore, this combination of proteins provides a superbly complete aminogram, which helps in some way to maintain your muscle mass. On the other hand, Peanut Butter from Weider fits very well in the meals of people who want to take care of their weight.

    Peanut Butter from Weider is extremely low in added sugars (provides less than 15 g of sugar) and its fat content comes essentially from the polyunsaturated fats, classed as "healthy fats". In this way, you do not have to worry about tasting this spreadable product since it contains no trans fats.

    Peanut Butter from Weider is a real delicacy that you cannot stop delighting in your breakfasts or snacks, either spreading a bit on breads, cookies, crackers or even toasts. Peanut Butter from Weider provides a marvelous flavor and its creaminess is entirely smooth and irresistible. You can also use this product to decorate desserts or prepare very appetizing recipes.

    Nutrition facts of Peanut Butter from Weider:

    • Low in sugars.
    • Contains no palm oil, or preservatives.
    • Made from 100% natural peanuts.
    • Provides a high protein profile, including substantial amino acids.
    • Provides a delicious flavor, and it is very smooth in texture.
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

    If you are faithful to tasty products and to a fitness life, then be sure to try this Peanut Butter from Weider. It is a truly charming and desirable product not to be missed by anything in the world.

    Recommended direction: enjoy this Peanut Butter from Weider by spreading on cookies, breads, toasts and even crackers. You can use it to fill desserts or prepare other recipes. Peanut Butter from Weider is ideal for breakfast, snack or delighting whenever you like.

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