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Mega Bolic Packs - 100 capsules

Mega Bolic Packs from Weider is a high-quality multivitamin supplement that will boost your levels of energy during very exhausting workouts or if you lead a very active and busy lifestyle. It consists of 5 capsules that provide all the necessary nutrients to replenish your strength and promote superior performance under any circumstance.

    Mega Bolic Packs from Weider is an immediate source of energy and vitality. Do you really want a superior boost? Try Mega Bolic Packs from Weider now!

    Mega Bolic Packs from Weider is an incredible supplement with multiple vitamins that reinforce your level of nutrients and renew your vitality.

    If you practice very demanding sports, or if you lead a very busy lifestyle, this is the reinforcement you are needing. A unit consists of 5 capsules with various active components and properties that provide you with all you need, in a concentrated form, to enjoy a boost on your levels of energy that will last various hours. Include it in your routines, since you will not only get vitamins and minerals, you will also receive Omega 3 fatty acid and superfoods with benefits so complete that you will not believe it until you check it personally.

    If you really value better performance and more vitality, you will appreciate what Mega Bolic Packs from Weider can do for you. The basis of good nutrition is a balanced diet. Surely you know that very well. But the truth is that with the intensive production of food, even this may not be enough. Especially if your practice is very demanding and consequently your requirements for vitamins, minerals and proteins are greater. These capsules contain nutrients that your body must receive daily, including Omega 3 fatty acid, adaptogenic ingredients, and essential minerals. You will be able to notice excellent benefits in a short time, with a very clear manifestation of higher levels of energy and greater mental clarity.

    Not only high-performance athletes can benefit from this wonderful product. If you are like most people in modern life, you probably live in an accelerated way, distributing your energy among work, family life and studies. The same problem with the quality of food can also affect you in these circumstances, reducing your levels of energy, making it difficult to carry out your obligations and various activities. This is why, this multivitamin pack can give you a really significant boost in the face of very demanding and stressful situations. You must consume it, especially, if you do not eat regularly, or if you frequently consume foods rich in fats and flours, but not in vitamins.

    Facts of Mega Bolic Packs from Weider

    • Multivitamin supplement easy to absorb.
    • Strengthens the level of nutrients.
    • Boosts the levels of energy.
    • Improves physical endurance.
    • Excellent for athletes.
    • Suitable to meet nutritional deficiencies.
    • Increases vitality for daily life.

    Mega Bolic Packs from Weider is ideal for practicing all kinds of sports. Its consumption reinforces the nutrients of any type of diet. Each pack contains a capsule of superfoods & vitamins with 10 essential vitamins, a multimineral tablet with 7 vital minerals, Omega 3 fatty acid in soft gel format that is very important, an adaptogenic capsule with ginseng and gingko biloba and finally a tablet composed of curcumin.

    Recommended use: consume one pack a day, which contains 5 capsules with multivitamins.

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