Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider is a protein drink with a delicious milk chocolate flavour that satisfies the most demanding palates. Moreover, its formula contains a wide range of proteins the human body needs to do any physical activity. This drink is low in carbohydrates and fat-free.

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If what you want is to be on a diet rich in protein and low in fat, then expect no more and buy Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider.

The drink Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider is rich in protein, low in carbohydrates and with a delicious flavour to milk chocolate that people of all ages love. This delicious drink is canned and it is very easy and simple to open, which allows us to to drink it anywhere. This drink also provides greater stamina to practice any exercise.

Both men and women who practice physical activities need to consume protein, reason why, the chocolaty drink Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider was designed and produced, whose formula contains 25g of protein, which are essential to go on nutritive sports diets. With the consumption of this incredible drink we can get best results when we work our muscles in the gym, such as the gluteus muscles, abdomen, biceps, quadriceps, among others.

By drinking Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider, you provide your body with proteins which it cannot produce on its own, the so-called non-essential proteins, which are of vital importance for keeping our body healthy. The consumption of this protein drink helps the growth and protection of not only our muscles, but also  other parts of our body such as the organs, skin, hair, nails, among others. With this delicious shake any person that practice any exercise can improve his/her performance in all activities. This product also allows to lose weight, as this drink is high in protein and low in carbohydrates which makes our body to burn fat in a more effective way.

Facts of Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider.

  • It has a delicious taste of milk chocolate.
  • Contains 25g of protein.
  • It is protein drink that is low in carbohydrates.
  • Its formula does not contain fats.
  • All the ingredients used to make this excellent product are of high quality.
  • Increases and maintains the body muscle mass.
  • Its container is easy to open.
  • It Comes in a very practical can.

The protein drink Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider is made with a delicious milk chocolate flavour that makes it palatable to delight in tasting it on any occasion and can be acquired by units or boxes. This drink can be consumed anywhere and by any kind of person that wants to lose fat, but gaining or keeping the muscle mass.

Recommended use: it is recommended to ingest Low Carb Protein Shake from Weider after 30 minutes or more have elapsed from the execution of a training, as all conditions will be met for our body to assimilate in a more effective way the protein that is being consumed.

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