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Lean Protein from Weider is a fabulous food supplement made from pea proteins and whey proteins. Lean Protein comes in two delicious flavors: vanilla and chocolate, and is perfect for those looking to reduce body fat without having to lose muscle mass.

    Lean Protein from Weider, the wonderful mixture of proteins that suits you and your physical needs.

    Lean Protein from Weider is a mixture of proteins of animal and vegetable origin possessing a high index of biological value, in addition Lean Protein contains important elements such as L-carnitine, inulin, glucomannan and green tea, which represents a plus for consumers. First, the pea protein: It is of vegetable origin and a rich source of essential and non-essential amino acids, including arginine, which is of great benefit in the process of muscle gain and in the increase of lean body mass, because it stimulates the growth of the same one and by containing BCAA it is in charge of working in the recovery and regeneration of the muscles, perfect for those who look for good results out of their routines in the gym. Lean Protein also contains proteins from milk and whey, suppliers not only of protein, but also provide necessary nutrients for the body and its proper operation, are responsible for providing physical strength and like the protein of peas, they contribute enormously during the development of the musculature.

    Lean Protein is Weider's innovative protein source, it is the correct supplement for sportsmen and athletes, and much more for bodybuilders. The inclusion of ingredients such as L-carnitine, an efficient substance in the important task of eliminating fats, using them as energy and ensuring that every time is stored less in the body. Inulin, which has numerous properties among which stand out: the regulation of intestinal transit, improving the absorption of minerals and provide soluble dietary fiber. And finally we have glucomannan, a hydrated fiber that can turn gelatinous and multiply 100 times its volume, which is why it is indicated to treat obesity problems, its satiating effect reduces the anxiety to eat more, making it perfect for patients of this type, it also acts as a controller of sugar levels and helps reduce cholesterol. In conclusion, Lean Protein has everything you need, it is an ideal supplement.

    Lean Protein from Weider has everything, it is a super nutritional supplement that will help you define, shape and maintain your figure if you acquire it as a faithful companion of your physical routines. Lean Protein from Weider helps you lose weight if you wish, and also to gain muscle mass if that is your purpose, this novel protein is adapted to your needs. Lean Protein from Weider will provide you with 76% quality protein, and now it comes in two delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla, there is no doubt that Lean Protein fits you.

    Facts of Lean Protein from Weider

    • Product made with high quality proteins.
    • Presentation of 500 g in two rich flavors: vanilla and chocolate.
    • Powerful adjuvant in the improvement, regeneration and gain of muscle mass.
    • Contains fiber.
    • Improves intestinal transit.

    Lean Protein from Weider is the correct nutritional supplement, it is 100% high quality protein. It will help you improve in the physical field and achieve great results in a short time.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon, or as a post-workout depending on your goals. Add a portion (30 g) to 250 ml of water, stir well and consume.

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