Fruit and Fiber Syrup - 250ml

Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider is a nutritional supplement made with 100% natural fruits. Apply it in your meals or desserts to taste a delicious real fruit flavor. Highlight the flavor of your meals with this excellent 100%-fat-free fiber-rich product.

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    Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider Accompany the saucers of your diet with the most nutritious, sugar-free and fiber-rich syrup.

    Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider is the best way to accompany and prepare the most delicious and nutritious dishes of your daily diet, ideal for you that you are an athlete and want to eat exquisite dishes, eat desserts, sweets, but sometimes you stay with the desire for fear of consuming chemical sugars harmful to your health and that make you gain weight. That's no problem because with Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider you can enjoy eating all those delicacies, thanks to its sugar-free, nutritious and fiber-rich content.

    Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider only contains the natural sugars of fruits unlike other syrups on the market that you have tried before, has an excellent composition of up to 67 g of fiber per 100 ml, obtained from a formula distributed in different vegetables such as beets, fiber of corn and chicory, all this for you as an athlete and you must lead a healthy fat-free balanced diet.

    Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider gives you 12 kilocalories and 0% fat per serving, that is to say every time you prepare or accompany a rich dish prepared by you with your fruit syrup fiber rich 250 ml of Weiber you will be consuming 12 kcal and a 100% guaranteed fat-free food which is ideal for any athlete who wants to maintain an athletic figure, if you love the strawberry you can have 19% of its flavor in each container, but if your thing is citrus fruits you will also have up to 23% taste of this excellent fruit.

    Facts of Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider

    • No chemical sugar additives
    • 100% fat-free
    • Made with real fruits
    • 12 Kcal for each serving
    • Excellent to accompany your meals
    • Rich in fibers
    • High percentage of real fruit flavor
    • To 67 g of fiber per 100 ml

    Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider is ideal for you that you are an athlete who likes to take care of you and wants to lead a healthy and balanced life, what better way to sweeten and delight the rich flavor of the real fruits preparing the best desserts and dishes of your fitnes diet, eating tasty food, healthily and getting nutritious benefits from vegetable-based and natural fat-free sugar fiber which is already possible with Fiber-rich Fruit Syrup from Weider.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, to accompany your tasty breakfasts, desserts, and when it comes to snacking, ideal to prepare exquisite dishes without worrying about breaking your balanced fat-free diet.

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