Beauty Collagen from Weider is a product consisting of tiny particles (powder) whose ingredients are formulated for the care, protection and beauty of the skin. It is made of fish collagen and antioxidant components effective to maintain a youthful and healthy skin. It is a great ally to stop the effects of age on the skin.

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Beauty Collagen from Weider

Beauty Collagen from Weider, this product is a stimulant of the formation of collagen and prevents oxidative stress, making skin look smoother, younger and healthier, neutralizing the adverse effects of age on the skin, Its consumption strengthens the skin, giving it firmness and luminosity. Among its wonderful ingredients are hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides, easily absorbed and stimulate the production of collagen from the inside.

SkinAx is a component specially designed for the care and health of the skin. It contains antioxidant polyphenols that are derived from grape seed (flavonoids), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is the great antioxidant ally of collagen synthesis for the skin to function normally, zinc, is also an antioxidant that helps maintain a healthy skin and the synthesis of collagen. For the practicality of its use, the container contains a quantity of the product that reaches for 30 servings (rations), at the rate of 10g per serving. This marvelous product can be consumed by adults, especially by women who, due to their feminine condition, are very aware of the integral care of their skin, protecting it against the deterioration that occurs over the years, and the adverse effects of the sun and the climatic conditions.

To speak of health is not only to refer to the normal operation of the organs, people often forget that the skin is that precious gift that covers everything inside our body and it is our commitment to achieve its normal and healthy operation, for this we must take precautions and not wait for their deterioration to resort to surgeries or other invasive methods. Beauty Collagen from Weider presents this formula which, based on a healthy and high quality diet, will improve the appearance of the skin and make it look more supple, smooth, shiny and moisturized. It contains collagen, important in the regeneration and care of skin, bones and cartilage. The components have been carefully formulated to protect the skin from the effects of aging, from oxidative damage, giving elasticity and smoothness to keep it younger for longer.

Facts of Beauty Collagen from Weider

  • Contains Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen
  • Helps regulate melanin synthesis
  • Improves overall appearance of the skin

Health and beauty are made visible through skin care. The look of a person that takes care of their skin favors a safe and confident attitude towards life and its circumstances, so personal care and maintenance of beauty begin with skin care and for that nothing better than using Beauty Collagen from Weider.

Recommended use: take one dose daily. Mix 10g of powder in 200 ml of water.

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