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Liquid BCAA - 250 ml

Liquid BCAA from Weider is a liquid supplement that provides your body with the essential branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in the format of a delicious and refreshing a drink. It also contains L-alanyl-L-Glutamine, plus vitamin B6. This drink provides you with the nutrients needed to gain muscle muscle and recover effectively. It also has vital BCAAs.

    Liquid BCAA from Weider is refreshing, delicious and can be your best source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Try it and be amazed by its delicious taste!

    Liquid BCAA from Weider is a food product provides your body with BCAAs in the format of a delicious and healthy drink.

    It contains very important BCAAs, such as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, which you need to gain muscle mass and much more strength, L-alanyl-L-Glutamine promotes rehydration during exercise, and vitamin B6 helps to produce an effective metabolization of proteins and glycogen. This drink is easy to take and offers nutrients you need to combat fatigue and discomfort inherent to muscle fatigue. Make sure you have this healthy supplement before, during or after your routine exercise, to stimulate an active replenishment of your levels of energy. It is a product ideal for very wearing activities that can wear the body deeply.

    The amino acids are very important because they are the compounds that provide the body with essential elements for building its tissues and its most basic structure. They are also one of the more important sources of energy the body needs. Liquid BCAA from Weider offers BCAAs, which your organism cannot produce by itself. Reason why, you have to make sure of incorporating them into your nutrition. And this product is one of the easiest, most practical and pleasant ways of doing it. Benefit from its concentrated nutrients, which quickly enter your digestive system, to increase your strength and recover in no time. At the same time, you will refresh yourself and enjoy its delicious flavor. You can take it before, during or after your exercise session.

    Liquid BCAA from Weider can easily become your favorite sports supplement. You won't need to consume large quantities of food with proteins, something that can be difficult if you do not eat too much or if you have no time to prepare this type of meals. Add to your balanced food a can of this product daily, which will give you immediately all the nutrients ideal for strengthen your muscles, ensuring their anabolism and have a lot of strength for the next routine in the gym. If you want to boost your levels of energy, this is one of the most affordable and easy to consume options you can find.

    Facts of Liquid BCAA from Weider

    • Has BCAAs.
    • Promotes the growth of the muscle tissues.
    • Contains Vitamin B6.
    • Boost your strength.
    • Favors a short and complete recovery.

    Liquid BCAA from Weider is a supplement full of BCAAs. It offers all the nutrients that benefit the synthesis of proteins and thus improve, promote and strengthen the muscles. It is perfect for people practicing demanding sports as it meets their nutritional needs. It is refreshing and has a delicious taste.

    Recommended use: consume a can a day, before, during or after a training routine.

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