0% Sauce from Weider is a delicious dressing made by the Weider brand, which is characterized by being light and healthy, therefore it is perfect to boost the taste of dishes, be they salads, meats, sandwiches or hamburgers. In this sense, this product serves to give a special taste to your food without adding fats, sugars or excess calories. In addition, you can choose the flavor of your preference.

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    Turn your dishes into very tasty delicacies by seasoning them with 0% Sauce from Weider, which is available in different flavors.

    0% Sauce from Weider is a new and tasty dressing that is available in excellent flavors, but without adding sugars, fats or too many calories to your meals. This product allows to give an incredible flavor to a large number of recipes and dishes, of course, in a completely healthy way, without giving up pleasure.

    0% Sauce from Weider is an exquisite dressing that has been prepared in a very special and innovative way, but still retains the touch of flavor of traditional sauces. In this sense, this product is available in different flavors, namely, ketchup, barbeque, Caesar and curry, so you can choose the seasoning that you like the most, and in this way, add to your dishes a truly spectacular taste.

    0% Sauce from Weider will bathe your food with joy and charm, as it usually has a slightly salty touch and a highly liquid consistency, that is, perfect, firm and delicious to add to any meal. In particular, you can use this sauce to dress salads, meats, fish or hamburgers. You can even use it to fill sandwiches and other dishes.

    With 0% Sauce from Weider, you can provide your meals with the best flavor. However, you can rest assured that you will not be ruining your fitness diet. On the contrary, this dressing is the lightest you will find, since it has zero sugars, zero fat and only 1 kcal. Thanks to such composition, you can continue to take delight in your meals every day, without gaining weight, much less harm your health.

    The most pleasant thing about 0% Sauce from Weider is that it comes in a comfortable anti-drip container which you can keep comfortably in the refrigerator. In fact, if you travel with your family or want to picnic, this product will be the best, as it will not cause spills and will not add too much content to your food.

    In short, 0% Sauce from Weider is a magnificent dressing that you must have to eat as rich and healthy as possible. At last your dishes will be full of flavor and lacking of nutrients contributing little value to your diet.

    Facts of 0% Sauce from Weider:

    • No sugars or fat.
    • Contains only 1 kcal.
    • Available in rich and traditional flavors.
    • In an anti-drip container.
    • Firm, liquid and very delicious consistency.
    • Perfect for salads, meats, sandwiches, among many others.
    • Much healthier than other common sauces

    Get away from the dressings that are not ideal for your diet, instead try 0% Sauce from Weider, you will soon notice that it is equally delicious, but with better properties.

    Recommended use: pour the amount you want on salads, meats, hamburgers or to flavor sandwiches. Refrigerate after opening. Keep in a cool, dry place and away from bad smells.

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