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List of products by brand Walden Farms

Walden Farms Inc. is a company founded in 1972, based in New Jersey, USA, dedicated to the development of innovative, healthy foods with delicious flavors and 0% calories.

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25% dtoSyrup - 340 g
Syrup - 340 gWalden Farms
Let yourself be carried away by his love for chocolate with \The Walden Way\, without having to...
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7% dtoCoffe creamers - 340 g
Coffee Creamers - 340 gWalden Farms
Delicious coffee creamers by Walden Farms, with which you will get the best flavor without...
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Salad Sauce - 340 g
Salad Sauce - 340 gWalden Farms
The perfect salad dressing! Eating a salad is healthy, unless it is covered with a high-calorie...
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J&J Fruits Spread - 340 g
J&J Fruits Spread - 340 gWalden Farms
well start the day! Enjoy Walden Farms jams. A conventional marmalade, usually contains more...
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Mayonnaise - 340 g
Mayonnaise - 340 gWalden Farms
Simply perfect mayonnaise! Walden Farms It presents an incredible mayonnaise, great taste...
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40% dtoWhipped Peanut Spread - 340 g
Whipped Peanut Spread - 340 gWalden Farms
Cream peanut spread without calories! It sounds too good to be true. .
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35% dtoBarbeque Sauce
Barbeque SauceWalden Farms
The perfect meat dressing! To take care of yourself and eating healthy it will not be necessary...
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12% dtoDip - 340g
Dip - 340gWalden Farms
Enjoy a creamy and delicious \The Walden Way\ chocolate sauce, and follow healthy eating! Instead...
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This brand has earned a remarkable achievement, and it has been to provide its customers with healthy food with no calories, no fat, gluten-free, no carbohydrates or sugars of any kind, maintaining the flavor and helping to intensely enjoy diet meals.

Walden offers special foods made with high quality products, with concentrated herbs, grains, ground spices, aged vinegars and other natural ingredients.

The products by Walden Farms include 0% calorie sauces, healthy dressings to enhance flavor and complement diet dishes, as well as syrups and fruit syrups, chocolate and other sweet treats with no sugars, no fats, carbohydrates or gluten and 0% calories.

These foods are specially designed for athletes and sportspeople, people who follow a diet to lose weight and for those who need to take care of their diet, such as diabetics and coeliacs.

Since its inception, Walden Farms has set the mission of developing healthy special foods, helping people control the calories they consume without giving up flavor, helping to create innovative lifestyles.

Walden gets a great taste for its products by using fruit extracts, natural flavors and everything sweetened with Splenda.