Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani is one of the best options in the consumption of this product. Exquisite, exotic flavor and favorite of high gastronomy. Winner of awards for its quality and 100% natural composition. Its flavor is bitter with a slight sweetness, ideal for those who like to taste the cocoa in its purest state. It has an ecological origin OKO certificate.

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    Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani

    Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani is one of the best chocolate products that can be tasted. First, its high cocoa content stands out, which exceeds two-thirds of the total ingredients.

    On the other hand, its taste is both exotic and delicious. It is not the typical chocolate with sugar, but has a different aftertaste. Putting it on the palate, emanates a bitter taste with a slight sweetness, only suitable for true lovers of dark chocolate. That is, it is chocolate in its pure form, which is why it is uncommon in the market. For this reason, it is often used for special occasions. Highly appreciated by international chocolate tasters. In fact, it has twice won the gold medal of the gourmet magazine Savoir Vivre, this being considered the best product of ecological origin. It is 100% and certainly a true pleasure for the tasting.

    When describing this product, it should be emphasized that it is dark chocolate. This means that it is made with roasted cocoa beans and no added milk. Its taste is stronger, tends to be more bitter and at the same time is more advisable for health. Widely used to accompany wines and toasts in general, it is considered to be more conducive to special occasions. The sensation it produces on the palate is different from that of chocolate mixed with dairy products. It is much denser and more intense. It is not a simple treat and therefore it is not consumed in large quantities, but in small pieces and with serenity. In the case of Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani, all its ingredients are totally natural. In fact, it has won two international awards because of its taste and the purity of the cocoa used. It has an OKO certified organic farming. For this reason, Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani is an option that every chocolate lover should try some time, which guarantees the absence of herbicides, pesticides and the use of genetic manipulation.

    Facts of Fine Dark Chocolate with 71% Cocoa Bio from Vivani

    • 71% cocoa content
    • Includes: whole cane sugar
    • Bitter taste with a slight touch of sweetness
    • Gourmet Award Winner
    • 100% natural
    • With ecological certificate

    It is a chocolate for people who love to consume products with high cocoa content. Its purity is guaranteed thanks to an eco-certified OKO.

    Recommended Use: keep in a dry and cool place. Perfect to be tasted on special occasions.

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