Whey Protein by VitOBest, is the new product of whey protein concentrate to 95% of purity, which does not contain collagen, taurine, glycine or milk powder.

Whey protein 100% - 1.8 kg

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    What do you take it for? Recuperacion y desarrollo muscular
    How is it taken? Dissolve in water, milk or isotonic drink
    Size per dose From one to two services
    How many times? From one to three times a day
    When should it be taken? After training and between meals
    Usos Gain muscle mass


    The new product by VitOBest Whey Protein 100%, has been developed to meet the protein needs of the most demanding athletes, and primarily looking for quality products. 

    This protein is basic usage, and can be consumed throughout the day, due to it is of average length in absorption, and has an excellent flavor, which makes a pleasure to consume it. 

    The new Whey Protein 100% by VitOBest is a protein that contains the appropriate amount of amino acids to increase muscle mass, besides of increasing effectively the strongest antioxidant level in the body, glutathione. In addition, the new Whey Protein 100% by Vit.O.Best thanks to be obtained by the procedures of ultra and microfiltration and enzymatically purified, has a low fat, lactose content, and contains lactoglobulin protein micro fractions, lactalbumin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulin. 

    When you try it, never want to retake a different protein. We are convinced of its tasty, in addition also has a very nice perfect solution and texture. We are convinced that we have managed to create a high-quality protein.

    The new Whey Protein 100% is made from whey protein concentrate and ultra high quality filtering. This raw material of high quality protein has a very high content of BCAA (BCAAs = L-Valine, L-Leucine y L-Isoleucine). Particularly in the recovery phase large amounts of these three amino acids are needed to rebuild the muscle protein that has been destroyed during training. 

    This is why we can say that Whey Protein 100% is ideal for the supply of protein immediately after training. Also for early morning is an ideal time to consume Whey Protein 100%, since human body due to the nocturnal fasting period is in a catabolic phase (loss of muscle mass). 

    Properties of Whey Protein 100%

    • Available in 5 delicious flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon Yogurt, Vanilla and Coffee Mocca)
    • High in protein per serving
    • Low in carbohydrates and fats

    Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, mix 50g with about 150-200 ml of water or skim milk. Consume at least after physical activity. 

    Reviews Whey Protein 100% - 1.8 kg

    • 07/19/2017

    Normalmente compro el sabor chocolate. Probé el de yogur-limón por los comentarios, pero personalmente no me gusta... así que he vuelto al de choco.

      • 06/23/2017

      Muy buena proteina calidad precio. Y para ser 5kg un muy buen precio. Me faltaria que sacaran algun sabor como chocolate blanco solo

        • 10/25/2016

        Buen concertado de proteína de suero par post entreno

          • 07/13/2016

          Me gusta mucho sobre todo la carta de sabores que tiene y por supuesto calidad vitobest

            • 07/12/2016

            Buen sabor tanto en agua como en leche. Con el mezclador que tengo no me hace nada de grumos.

              • 08/27/2015

              Gran proteína en suero, de las mejores que he probado y con un gran sabor (limón)

                2018-01-13 21:54:17
                Hola, quisiera saber la diferencia que hay entre una whey y una isolate, gracias
                2018-01-15 09:53:23
                Buenas, una whey te aporta de proteina entre 70-80 por cada 100 gramos y una isolada te aporta entre 80-90 de proteina y muy bajas en azucar grasa y hidratos ,las whey tienen algo mas de hidratos grasas y azucar eso ya varia de cada producto y marca,si necesitas mas ayuda tenemos un chat en directo para poder ayudarte. un saludo
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                2017-05-25 20:35:31
                Quisiera saber cuanto son 30gramos En el medidor, que viene por c.c
                2017-05-29 10:56:37
                Hola el cazo colmado son 30gr.Un saludo
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