R-ALA from Vitobest is a dietary supplement with a large concentration of ALA, which, stands for alpha lipoic acid, has a the substantial function of reversing the deterioration caused by the action of free radicals, it is taken from the mitochondria, since they are the ones that produces most of the cell's energy, to counteract the oxidation of the organs of the body.

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    To reduce the aging of the cells and to prevent some diseases, take R-ALA from Vitobest

    R-ALA from Vitobest contains a high content of alpha lipoic acid (ALA), which helps fight the damaging effects produced by free radicals, which is considered its main function inside the body of any person who consumes it. In addition, it prevents some diseases.

    R-ALA from Vitobest has been created for athletes and people who want to improve their quality of life and potentiate other natural antioxidants that are found in the body. While it is true that ALA is produced naturally by the organism, and exists in almost all meals, as the years go by its production drops, therefore, it is necessary to add it to the diet of all people older than 45 years, regardless of whether they experience ailments or if they feel totally healthy.

    Among the benefits provided by ALA, it is very important to mention its antioxidant effect, since people who consume it regularly start to age much later than those that do not, that is, they maintain a healthy appearance, which is especially noticeable on their skin and in the internal functioning of their organism. Thanks to ALA, the possibility of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson's, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer's, among others, is reduced.

    On the other hand, when performing demanding exercises, which require strength, endurance and the fact of applying force, the muscles tend to become inflamed, but the effect is counteracted by ALA, therefore, when consuming this type of acid, the body will be better prepared to carry out activities and more frequently, and also manages to recover after making such movements.

    Facts of R-ALA from Vitobest

    • Combats the effects of the action of free radicals.
    • Boosts sensitivity to insulin, which helps regulate blood sugar.
    • Increases the levels of ALA existing in the body, which causes a greater concentration of such acid.
    • Each capsule provides 125 mg of ALA.

    While it is true that ALA is present in the human body, many times we are not able to absorb it in an optimal way from the foods that contain it, therefore, it is recommended to take supplements to receive this excellent antioxidant and thus slow the premature aging of the cells and the effects of free radicals that often appear due to environmental pollution, intake of alcoholic beverages, smoking and not having an adequate diet. If you are affected by some of those elements and want to stay healthy and young for a long time, then it would be very convenient to try this nutritional supplement.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 tablet a day with a generous glass of water, without forgetting that this product does not replace any food

    Jorge 2019-11-02 14:17:04
    Hola quería saber qué cantidad de mgr máximo se debe tomar. Y si se toma con alimentos o fuera de comidas. En relación a otras marcas que calidad o diferencias hay
    Joel 2019-11-04 09:58:47
    Hola Jorge! la cantidad recomendada es de 125mgr diarios, tomándolo alejado de las comidas unos 30 minutos. La diferencia de este producto con otros es que es 100% racémico, una formula del ácido alfa lipoico que lo hace mucho mas absorbible. Un saludo!
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    Hola, me gustaria saber si puedo tomarlo, ya que soy ipertensa 2019-05-03 08:52:57
    Hola, me gustaria saber si podria tomarlo ya que soy ipertensa
    Joel 2019-05-03 10:28:11
    Hola! Podrías tomarlo sin problema ya que no afecta a la tensión arterial, pero en casos de patologías siempre recomendamos que sea un médico el que le aconseje su uso. Un saludo.
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    MARIA FARNCISCA FERNANDEZ 2019-04-09 19:30:20
    Me gustaría saber si contiene aditivos de algún tipo. Gracias
    Beltran 2019-04-10 10:00:26
    Hola solo contiene R-ala no tiene más que eso y lo que puede contener el recubrimiento de la cápsula pero no debe tener problema.Un saludo
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    lara torre 2019-01-07 17:31:42
    Buenas!! Quería saber si es el de 250mg o de cuanto es? Gracias
    Joel 2019-01-08 10:23:01
    Hola Lara.Manda un correo a info@masmusculo.com para que te puedan dar mas información sobre el producto.Un saludo.
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