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Regular Gloves

Normal Gloves from Vitobest are an excellent sports equipment ideal for athletes, sportsmen or bodybuilders who require daily training and want to protect their hands as well as having a better grip, being resistant and durable and offering comfort and confidence when using them.

    Gloves from Vitobest: indispensable allies for the correct execution of exercises or training routines.

    Vitobest Fitness Gloves are ideal sports gloves for athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen or any physically active person who attends daily to the gym or workouts, manufactured in high quality synthetic leather and durability and reinforced with velcro strip to offer a grip without equal, it will be without doubts perfect allies that will allow you to execute exercises in a comfortable, safe and correct way, preventing failures in your grip or injuries caused by the pressure exerted on the hands.

    In addition, its velcro elastic band ensures a perfect fit in the hands, preventing them from leaving during physical activity so you do not have to worry about adjusting them at each moment or because they will leave your hands. Its practical design covers up to the proximal phalange of the fingers, which facilitates the flexion of the fingers and provides a firmer and secure grip.

    In order to carry out physical activities, whether they are sports practices, workouts or exercise routines in a gym, it is important to have the appropriate equipment to facilitate these activities, such as a thermos with water to hydrate, comfortable and light clothing and shoes and a towel that covers the sweat. However many people neglect one of the main tools to achieve such activities: hands. That is why Vitobest, a brand dedicated to supplementation and sports equipment presents its new Normal Gloves, a pair of gloves made from the best synthetic fabric available in the market that will guarantee durability and resistance against the continuous use in sports activities. In addition, it has velcro elastic, which will provide a better fit and attaches to the hands for a better grip, offering safety, comfort and confidence in each exercise performed.

    Vitobest fitness gloves highlights

    • Made of high strength and durable synthetic materials.
    • Elastic Velcro for a better fit to the hands.
    • Protection for knuckles without sacrificing freedom of movement in the fingers.
    • Does not absorb sweat, it does not conserve bad odors.
    • Provides reliable and secure grip.
    • Avoids injury or twisting of fingers.
    • Excellent design ideal for long usage times.

    By using Normal Gloves from Vitobest, you can train in a more comfortable and safe way thanks to the practical grip and the quality of construction they have, allowing you to execute your exercises properly, achieving better results and with the safety that only VitoBest can offer you in its products.

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