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Neoprene Belt

Neoprene Belt from VitoBest is the ideal belt for athletes and sportsmen who do intense weightlifting exercises, made with the best quality neoprene, this belt will protect and strengthen your lower back comfortably, avoiding injuries in this part of the body that can worsen the performance later.

    Neoprene Belt from VitoBest, adapts to the lumbar area.

    The lumbar belt is a regular part of the equipment that we can find in the gym, is considered by many to be a tool of their workouts and they use it regularly, the lumbar belt helps in certain moments and in specific states, since the main function of the lumbar belt is to hold the muscles of that part of the body to avoid injuries caused by the intense exercise.

    The strength that the neoprene belt exerts on our lumbar area is high, keeping all this part subject and thus preventing the discomfort that derive from an excess of tension or overload of this part of the body, it is recommended to use the lumbar belt for those people who lift a certain weights and need a support to avoid injury, especially in the lumbar and abdominal area where the trunk is, when this part of the body is strengthened, it will be in charge of stabilizing our body when performing the different types of exercise, this is because the trunk is a main strength point of the organism, since in this area is where much of the impulses are focused when performing an exercise and that is why many people feel the need to use an abdominal belt in order to protect this part of the body.

    Neoprene Belt from VitoBest is designed to protect the lower back while exercising weight training and weight lifting that maintains the back in a comfortable and safe position to avoid injury or hernia because of intense training, is made of the highest quality neoprene with a width that covers the lumbar area and has a cushion that provides comfort and safety and an excellent locking and fastening system by buckle that guarantees its firmness at all times so you can dedicate yourself completely to your exercises without fear for the health of the body, making Neoprene Belt from VitoBest a basic complement to train comfortably and safely when doing a hard workout.

    Facts of Neoprene Belt from VitoBest

    • Neoprene of the highest quality.
      Fits the lumbar area.
      Strengthens the trunk in intense exercises.
      Protects the lumbar and abdominal area from injury.
      Attractive design.

    Neoprene Belt from VitoBest is the ideal belt for all those athletes and sportsmen who perform intense exercises that include weightlifting and are worried about their lower back, as it avoids injuries that can pass bill later.

    Recommended use: Place and adjust in the lumbar area.

    Questions and answers
    Hola, buenas tardes. Me gustaría saber si en algún momento volverá a estar disponible la talla S del Cinturón de Neopreno de VitoBest. Gracias por su atención y espero su respuesta.
    2019-07-10 16:49:33 Ezequiel González Macho
    Hola Ezequiel! No le puedo dar un fecha de entrada concreta. Puedes escribir un correo a info@masmusculo.com para que te indiquen mejor cuando se dará la reposición del producto. Un saludo!
    2019-07-11 10:10:54 Joel
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