L-Carnitine 500 - 100 capsules

L-Carnitine 500 developed by vitobestis a dietary supplement that contains a formula with L-carnitine, which is an essential amino acid that acts by accelerating the breakdown of fats, thus achieving weight reduction. It is a high-powered supplement that is designed with Carnipure™, the highest quality carnitine available on the market.

L-carnitine 500 - 100 caps

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    What do you take it for? Lose weight and body fat
    How is it taken? Swallow with water
    Size per dose Two capsules
    When should it be taken? 30 minutes before training, 30 minutes before training
    When should it be taken? 30 minutes before training, 30 minutes before training
    Usos Weight loss

    L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest is a complement obtained from synthesizing lysine, which stimulates the breakdown of fat.

    L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest improves performance in physical activity by stimulating the production of energy.

    VitOBest has created L-Carnitine 500, a nonessential amino acid, which is involved in the degradation of fats, is a perfect nutritional product to look for the reduction of body fat.

    L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest is a high-powered supplement with a formula developed with L-Carnitina from L-Carnipure, which is the highest quality carnitine found in the market. L-Carnitine is synthesized from lysine, which stimulates active and effective degradation of fats.

    Carnitine is found in muscle and heart cells, in a greater percentage, that is why they are of great importance to develop physical activity and get the expected results. It is an amino acid that burns fat deposits, which are then used as energy during exercise. Carnitine also increases the energy levels and helps reduce adipose tissue, achieving a better uptake of oxygen.

    L-Carnitine mobilizes long chain fatty acids by the mitochondrial membrane, to achieve an increase in the production of energy instead of lipid degradation. Supplementation with L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest brings numerous benefits to sporting level. Physical performance is related to the body's ability to generate power and considering that fat is an important source of the same in muscle tissue, it happens that if the oxidation of the fat is increased, the organism raises levels of energy, and decreases body fat. In athletes and sportsmen, the consumption of L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest improves oxygen uptake and facilitates obtaining energy. The supplements taken before performing physical activity decreases the production of lactic acid. In addition, delays the onset of symptoms of muscle fatigue and minimizes loss of proteins in prolonged exercise sessions.

    Facts of L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest

    • Increases energy levels and stimulates decrease in adipose tissue.
    • Stimulates the degradation of fat deposits that are then used as energy.

    L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest acts significantly to control weight in the long term. Supplementation with L-Carnitine, combined with a reduced calorie diet plus physical activity achieves incredible results for weight reduction.

    Uso recomendado: L-Carnitine 500 from vitobest should be consumed with a glass of water and 1-3 capsules a day with meals.

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    • 03/30/2017


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