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Kreator - 100 capsules

Kreator by VitoBest is a new product product that contains the latest generation creatine Crea-Trona, which is comprised of Creapure, owned by AlzChem, the world's leading creatine producer. This extraordinary product has the highest quality and purity creatine of the future within reach of any athlete.

    Kreator by VitoBest with the creatine of the future helps your body to have the best performance and increased energy production for your muscles.

    The new creatine of Kreator by VitoBest is called Crea-Trona and it is a powerful double buffer system that helps the synthesis of acids produced during sports.

    Thanks to the mixture of sodium carbonate and disodium bicarbonate, acidification of the blood is effectively prevented in situations of high physical demand and maximum effort. That means a better muscular and physical performance in any sport. The creatine of Kreator by VitoBest is rapidly absorbed in 100% with the highest purity and quality, developed for elite athletes and athletes, efficient in any type of physical training, whether they are high resistance, strength-resistance, high intensity or speed-force. It will help to build a perfect body, a strong physique and an optimal organism.
    AlzChem is the world leader in the production of creatine and it is the creatine of the future Crea-Trona, main component of Kreator by VitoBest capsules. Its extraordinary formula allows it to be quickly assimilated and 100% without losing quality and purity. It has a great effectiveness that it does not need a loading phase but works perfectly from the first dose. Kreator by VitoBest is a powerful supplement that will help you get an extraordinary muscular performance since it allows a better assimilation of creatine in the body, producing energy, power and strength in your muscles. In addition, it generates more ATP, which helps to effectively block dangerous lactic acid for good muscle development.

    The creatine of Kreator by VitoBest offers incredible advantages than the rest of the creatines on the market and without experiencing any of its side effects, since it is a high quality creatine. Its powerful double tampon system will provide the athlete with a noticeable improvement in the muscular system, more effective during situations of maximum effort, in which a greater amount of ATP is required in the muscle cells to increase the strength and endurance necessary to obtain better results from your physical workouts. Vitobest's Kreator blocks lactic acid much more efficiently, improving athlete performance.

    Benefits of Kreator by VitoBest

    • It contains a powerful creatine patented and developed by AlzChem
    • It increases energy production and greatly improves performance
    • It increases ATP levels in muscle cells
    • It assimilates quickly and 100%
    • It effectively blocks lactic acid
    • It has no side effects
    • It is effective from the first dose

    Content for each dose (2 capsules):

    • It contains 1500mg of Crea-Trona
    • It contains an energy value of 48.81Kcal
    • It contains 0.518g of fat
    • It does not contain carbohydrates
    • It offers 11.09g of protein and 0g of salt

    Kreator by VitoBest will provide your body with the best dose of power, energy and strength necessary for your muscles. It is useful for any type of physical and sports activity. The effectiveness of Kreator by VitoBest is better than any other creatine supplement, thanks to its content of Crea-Trona, the creatine of the future. It will give you extraordinary results.

    Recommended use: As a food supplement, take two capsules per dose. It is recommended to take it twice a day. For sportspeople and athletes, two capsules are recommended, before and after training.

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