Hydrolyzed iso protein - 908g

Hydrolyzed Iso Protein designed by Vitobest is a nutritional supplement containing a new hydrolyzed protein of maximum purity and high digestion. It is the protein chosen by all athletes in the world. Hydrolyzed Iso Protein is absorbed quickly by the body, achieving a greater benefit.

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Hydrolyzed Iso Protein from Vitobest is a dietary supplement that is designed with the best raw material on the market.

Hydrolyzed Iso Protein from Vitobest is a pure protein that is absorbed in less than forty-five minutes in the body. This food product is designed with a high purity protein formulation, which is usually consumed by all professional athletes as a sports supplement, because it only has protein and is fast-digesting. It is a product based on a hydrolyzed protein, that is, it is pre-digested so it is assimilated without digestion problems. In the manufacture of this protein isolate, Vitobest has used a natural enzymatic process that is contrary to the systems commonly used to obtain hydrolysates by processes with acids or alkaline products.

Hydrolyzed Iso Protein Protein is a high quality hydrolyzed isolate, containing 14% to 16% hydrolysis. It uses the ingredient Thermax® of Glanbia®, which is the best raw material on the market. Hydrolyzed Iso Protein is the fastest-digestion protein available today, delivering complete digestion in less than forty-five minutes. It is also the only protein that has the capacity to produce insulin without sugar, increasing the IGF-1 levels in the liver by 30% more than another product with similar characteristics. This nutritional supplement has no sugar, but is involved in the transport of essential nutrients.

The hydrolyzed protein is in the pre-digested state, thus causing fewer stomach problems and better digestion. Hydrolyzed Iso Protein has in its formulation di-peptides and tri-peptides, which are absorbed faster than free amino acids and intact proteins. It is a perfect protein for all athletes who want to maximize the transport of amino acids to the muscles, for greater growth and volume. The oral consumption of protein and amino acid hydrolysates together with carbohydrates results in an insulinotropic effect of 100% higher when compared to the intake. of carbohydrate only. Hydrolyzed Iso Protein is a type of protein usually taken by professionals, Vitobest has designed the first top quality hydrolyzed isolate, with pleasant taste and a convenient price.

Facts of Hydrolyzed Iso Protein from Vitobest

  • Stimulates insulin without sugar.
  • Promotes muscle building.

Hydrolyzed Iso Protein from Vitobest is an extra fast-digestion protein that produces insulin without sugar. It also transports nutrients without the need for glucose.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement it is recommended to mix 30 grams with liquid, water, skim milk, etc. Consume one or more times per day, one of them after training.

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