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Hydro isolate - 907g

Hydro Isolate is an excellent protein powder supplement of the well-known Vitobest brand, made of Lacprodan HYDRO.clear, which is a hydrolyzed whey protein that allows quick muscle absorption and reconstruction. Perfect for athletes looking for an improvement of their sports activities performance.

    Hydro Isolate, is the perfect protein supplement to improve the muscles of high performance athletes.

    Hydro Isolate by Vitobest, is a excellent powder supplement that contains as its main ingredient Lacprodan HYDRO.clear, a hydrolyzed whey protein. It is one of the most natural whey ingredients for a better sports nutrition. This supplement helps you to have a quick muscle recovery after your training.

    Lacprodan HYDRO.clear, included in Hydro Isolate by Vitobest, is perfect for athletes, since it guarantees the delivery of essential nutrients for the body, simplifying the recovery and reconstruction of muscle fiber within hours after your daily exercises This product provides excellent benefits, perfect for all high performance athletes who want to effectively achieve all their goals.

    Hydro Isolate by Vitobest, a hydrolyzed protein, which is quickly absorbed by bloodstream, and the body's organs can assimilate all the nutrients provided in the shortest possible time. That is why Vitobest developed this supplement with Lacprodan HYDRO.clear, which allows to reenergise all the lost amino acids in the body during training, fulfilling all the nutritional needs. So, it is the perfect solution for athletes. A healthy diet with easily absorbed food and this supplement is the perfect combination will be really useful in order to create a healthy and energetic body. It is important to highlight, that for a better result athletes must take advantage of post-training time to fulfill their bodies with all the nutrients needed. This product is a protein that contains a degree of hydrolysis that reaches 10%, which helps you to have a better absorption.

    Characteristics of Hydro Isolate by Vitobest

    • It contains Lacprodan HYDRO.clear
    • It is a fantastic protein supplement for high performance athletes.
    • It has an easy absorption and it is highly soluble.
    • It is protein specially developed for better muscle absorption and reconstruction.
    • The whey protein has a 10% degree of hydrolysis.
    • It is available in different delicious water soluble flavours.

    This product by Vitobest, is extraordinary for all athletes who are looking for a protein supplement that provides them with quick absorption of nutrients and better digestion, and thus, being able to achieve all the goals with lasting results. Get muscle mass, healthy body and extra energy in the shortest possible time with Hydro Isolate, the hydrolyzed protein by Vitobest. It has many delicious flavours ready to use at any time. Now, it is the perfect moment to improve your physical activity. Use Hydro Isolate, an excellent protein supplement, developed by the best for the best!

    Recommended use: As a protein supplement, dissolve 30 grams in 250ml of water. Have it twice a day, preferably one of them after training.

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