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Hydro High Peptides - 907 g

Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest is the protein you really need to perform an elite training. It is a sports dietary supplement that has been made at 30% hydrolyzation, guaranteeing the highest solubility and assimilation of nutrients. It has been made from Lacprodran® HYDRO.365 by Arla®, which will help you obtain the deepest recovery and the most complete performance.

    Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest: an incredible protein to multiply your physical capacity. It is delicious and too easy to digest!

    Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest is a high-quality sports dietary supplement, perfect for athletes who aim at increasing their physical capacity and achieve higher performance.

    Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest provides the highest level of hydrolyzation (30%) to guarantee the greatest capacity of dissolution and assimilation. It contributes with a high level of peptides, dipeptides and tripeptides to improve your recovery and develop your greatest physical capacity. It contains Lacprodan® HYDRO.365 by Arla® that offers you a complete aminogram. Get everything you need for a very complete protein synthesis, essential for great muscle development.

    You need Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest to get the best performance in the gym. Proteins obtain in your diet are quite important, but they are not always the most effective. You should often ingest them with a certain percentage of fats, which can harm your diet, as well as taking time for them to pass through your digestive system. That is why you really need a protein with high solubility and assimilation, just like this one. It will immediately provide you with increased energy, vitality and greater performance during your work-out routines. It is what you require if you are carrying out a demanding training to get great results in any sports activity. Recover quickly and get greater muscle gain.

    You can also use Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest if you are just starting your training. Its easy-to-dissolve proteins, which pass quickly through your stomach, will provide you with everything you really need to strengthen your body and obtain the toning you desire so much. You can trust this product has been made with the best quality, which is excellent to provide all necessary nutrients for the best work-out sessions. Its immediate action quickly regenerates glycogen levels for muscles, allowing you to extend your work-out routines a bit more every day. It has a wide range of flavors, which make it perfect to enjoy every time you need to take it.

    Content of Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest (30 g):

    • 0,35 g of saturated fat.
    • 1,36 g of carbohydrates.
    • 23,89 g of proteins.
    • 0,27g of salt.

    Hydro High Peptides from Vitobest is a high-quality sports protein you really need to get a fast recovery and an unbeatable performance. It is a dietary supplement easy and fast to digest, and also provides you with all its properties almost immediately. Quickly get glycogen back in your muscles, allowing you to make greater efforts during your work-outs. It has a very complete profile of amino acids, which cover everything you need to gain muscle mass and build a truly toned body.

    Use and recommendations: you should take a dose of 30 g (1 measure of dispenser) dissolved in 300 ml of water or milk in the morning, and another dose after work-outs.

    Questions and answers
    Buenas ,con qué tipo de hidratos de carbono se podrían mezclar para el post entrenamiento? Me refiero a hight peptides hidrolizadas
    2020-01-27 17:16:54 Francisco
    Hola lo puede combinar con amilopectina, vitargo, ciclo dextrina algo así, carbohidrato rápido para post entreno. Un saludo
    2020-01-28 17:09:46 Jose
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