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HMB 1000 - 100 capsules

HMB 1000 from VitoBest is a nutritional supplement based on hydroxymethylbutyrate, derived from leucine and known by the acronym HMB, which plays a key role in protein synthesis. It prevents muscle breakdown, reduces recovery times after high-intensity workouts and increases muscle mass.

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest increases your strength, muscles and endurance to prolong workout hours. Plus, it helps you get a speedy muscle recovery!

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest allows the muscle cell to better capture nutrients due to the protective effect it has on membranes during high-intensity workouts. It has the ability to improve the metabolism of fat, reserves muscle glycogen and improves the body's ability to adapt to workouts.

    In addition, HMB 1000 from VitoBest decreases the muscle damage caused by workouts, and increases the strength and muscle mass. It improves your performance in endurance sports such as swimming, triathlon and soccer, among others, and also enhances the ability to perform physical efforts in trained and untrained people.

    Plus, HMB 1000 from VitoBest protects the cardiovascular system because it is able to reduce bad cholesterol, without affecting good cholesterol levels and helps reduce body fat.

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest increases the workouts performance by rising maximum oxygen consumption and improving the respiratory compensation point. It furthers training and strength in untrained and trained people, in women and young people. It also helps with muscle mass recovery and energy in the elderly.

    On the other hand, HMB 1000 from VitoBest acts for treating heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases and controlling high blood pressure.

    What are the main characteristics of HMB 1000 from VitoBest?

    • Dietary supplement with a high dose of hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB).
    • Increases endurance, performance and strength.
    • Reduces bad cholesterol, without changing the amount of good cholesterol.
    • Reduces muscle damage, increases recovery and development.
    • Prevents heart diseases.
    • Improves blood circulation and controls hypertension.

    Ingredients and format of HMB 1000 from VitoBest:

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest is a dietary supplement that comes in capsules. It supports muscle development and is strongly recommended for all sorts of workouts.

    Nutrition facts per serving (3 capsules) of HMB 1000 from VitoBest:

    • 138.84 kcal of energy.
    • 3000 mg of hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB).
    • 0.81 g of fats, of which 0.81 g are saturated fats.
    • 11.63 g of proteins (free amino acids).
    • Contains no carbohydrates.
    • Contains no sugars.
    What is HMB supplement used for?
    Leucine is an amino acid, one of the building blocks of protein. People use HMB to make medicine. HMB is used for increasing the benefits from weight training and exercise; and for treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

    Why should you take HMB 1000 from VitoBest?

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest increases the muscle mass development and energy from the beginning of your daily intake. Its amazing results are seen at the peak of your physical activity where a greater strength and endurance is needed, making it ideal for trained and untrained athletes.

    In addition, HMB 1000 from VitoBest speeds up muscle recovery time during and after your workout sessions.

    HMB 1000 from VitoBest is ideal for all athletes, regardless of gender and who wish to generate a greater muscle function associated with endurance workouts.

    Recommended daily use of HMB 1000 from VitoBest:

    • Take 1 capsule of HMB 1000 from VitoBest with plenty of water.
    • Take HMB 1000 from VitoBest before breakfast, workouts and before going to bed.
    • Take HMB 1000 from VitoBest 3 times a day.
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