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Glutamine 3000 - 1000 tablets

Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest is an awesome food supplement, intended for sports use, which has been specially formulated based on L-Glutamine of the best quality, in order to facilitate the excellent absorption and synthesis of proteins throughout the body, thus favoring high-performance athletes and fitness lovers to a large extend.

    Supplement your daily diet and get excellent results after an intense exercise routine. Protect your muscles from catabolism with the new Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest!

    With the best quality, guaranteed by Ajinomoto Labs, the prestigious brand Vitobest brings to the market a new product, Glutamine 3000, which is a wonderful food supplement, and in turn an important element for sportsmen who make great efforts during your daily training, contributing to the improvement of the synthesis of proteins during and after physical activity, thus facilitating an effective muscle recovery. It also helps minimize the feeling of pain and tiredness after a high-intensity physical activity.

    L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and this can produce it in large quantities naturally, being of vital importance for the body and the correct execution of all its functions, promoting the metabolic process and bringing nitrogen to the organs and tissues, besides its effective against the catabolism; process that causes that the organism consume this amino acid in amounts higher than it can produce, and it happens in the muscles after an intense exercise day or after suffering from an injury. For this reason, Vitobest brings to the market Glutamine 3000, the food supplement that helps to minimise the muscle catabolism after intense exercise routines and get a quick recovery of the tissues, and the corresponding increase of muscle mass, plus relieving post-training pains, facilitating optimum and safe execution of next-day routine, and in turn the continuity of your training.

    The amazing Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest, in addition to promote the increase of muscle mass and anti-catabolic process without causing variations in levels of blood sugar, also plays an important role in the immune system protection, helping the prevention of infections produced by viral processes that could happen due to physical wear caused by a day of intense exercises. Moreover, it contributes many benefits to the digestive system, helping in the regeneration of stools, plus it favors the metabolism and maximum use of the nutrients obtained from food.

    Facts of Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest

    • It is a product made based on L-Glutamine of high quality, purity and safety.
    • It is intended for the protection of increase of the muscle mass powered by its anti-catabolic action.
    • It promotes the optimum execution of the functions of the digestive and immune systems.
    • It helps canalization of nitrogen, which is very important for organs and tissues of the human body.
    • It facilitates the prevention of muscle wear and tear, and reduces the effects of catabolic states after exercise and sleep.
    • It relieves post-workout pain and fatigue in muscles and joints and facilitates their healing.

    If you want to find in the wide sports supplement market, a nutritional supplement that offers muscles and your body all the additional L-Glutamine needed for the proper execution of their functions, then Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest is just what you are looking for. Protect your muscles from catabolism and maximize the volume of your muscle mass with Glutamine 3000 from Vitobest!

    Recommended use: as a sports supplement, take from six (6) to twelve (12) tablets one (1) or two (2) times a day. Preferably consume after training and before bedtime.

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