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Flavorings - 100 g

Flavorings from VitoBest is a practical range of flavorings that will allow you to give a particular rich flavor to your drinks, smoothies, pancakes and, even, water. Give your preparations a new flavor, get out of the monotony with these incredible flavorings that Vitobest has made for your delight.

    With Flavorings from Vitobest, you can indulge yourself with the pleasure of enjoying a wide variety of rich flavors anywhere.

    With Flavorings from Vitobest, you can change the flavor of your drinks or food whenever you want, and thus enjoy a different and refreshing way of eating.

    From flavoring water, to providing delicious flavors to your protein drinks, you can do all that using Flavorings from Vitobest. If you are a lover of chocolate flavored drinks, but you have not included chocolate in your diet for a long time, then be glad, as with these flavorings you will be able to taste not only the chocolate flavor, but also a lot of natural flavors.

    Many times we resort to powdered food supplements to prepare energy, protein, and other shakes, which, despite being very effective, they are difficult for take because they lack of flavor, but quite the opposite, they usually have an unpleasant taste, that is why, Vitobest has created these wonderful flavorings, which will allow you to fill with rich flavor those drinks or smoothies that you need so much, making them more appetizing and pleasant to the palate.

    Flavorings from Vitobest are included in a wide range of products available in different flavors, among them can be mentioned: chocolate, mojito, mango, red fruits, green apple, pina colada, coffee, Marie® biscuit, tiramisu, cola, cherry, raspberry and other flavors among which you can choose according to the application you want to give, whether in food, drinks and others. These flavors are made with ingredients of totally natural origin, therefore, they are not harmful to health.

    Facts of Flavorings from Vitobest:

    • Product made from natural ingredients.
    • Available in a wide range of flavors (mango, coffee, pina colada, red fruits, mojito, chocolate, among others).
    • They bring a rich flavor to your drinks and smoothies.
    • Fat-free.
    • Flavorings similar to real flavors.
    • Easy employment.
    • Practical presentation in powder format.

    With Flavorings from Vitobest, you will be able to take delight in the taste of your preparations without breaking your diet. Dare to give yourself pleasure by adding to your drinks rich flavors such as chocolate, mango or mojito. When you use Flavorings from Vitobest, you will enjoy the taste of all your drinks, smoothies, pancakes and, even, water. Take away the neutral flavor of your drinks with these delicious flavorings that are included in this great range, and thus turn those energy or protein shakes that you usually drink into a mojito, a pina colada or a rich raspberry drink. Relieve monotony with this delicious product.

    Eating healthy has not to be unpleasant. Vitobest has proven that with this excellent product.

    Recommended use: to add flavor to your drinks, pour one (1) to three (3) g of product into your shakes, drinks, water or any other food of your choice.

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