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Elastic Wristband - Vitobest

Elastic Wristband from Vitobest is a sports accessory that improves grip during your training using machines or weightlifting. It is made of a sturdy 100% cotton material that fits anyone. Feel comfortable and confident with this wonderful product that will protect you from injuries during use.

    Elastic Wristband from Vitobest. Feel free from wrist injuries with guaranteed comfort and safety.

    Elastic Wristband from Vitobest is a wristband specially designed so that the wrists do not open with the weight; Performing a longer training preventing long-term injuries such as tendinitis or tenosynovitis in a mild degree of protection or a recovery of wrist in sports, work or rest in the house for attachment, being adjustable helps you to have a better stability so it can be used by anyone because it has a universal size and also calms the muscle fatigue of the arms maintaining a perfect shape so it lifts more weight safely during repetitions, it is designed to help weight lifters to perform longer trainings and thus obtain better gains.

    Elastic Wristband from Vitobest improves grip around a machine with bar, dumbbell or resistance wire. It is designed with a very modern style with elastic fabrics, breathable, comfort, with a maximum durability and softness in its 100% cotton fabric both inside and outside and thus avoid irritation or annoying friction giving you more protection and comfort; Especially for the accomplishment of heavy work with a greater grip having an elastic closure that allows to place the elastic as much tight and comfortable as you wish, in this way a correct tension is obtained to protect the wrist without tightening it too much.

    Elastic Wristband from Vitobest is indicated for wrist traumatism without fracture, immobilization of the joint after synovitis, degenerative osteoarthritis, sprains or inflammations of the joints. The wristband performs a protective function that requires an extraordinary effort from the wrists as with weightlifting or bodybuilding, in this case by heat and pressure prevent twist and sprain; It is also used in sports in which the wrists are used a lot, as in the case of rackets, they have a triple purpose: to protect the wrists from possible injuries, to wipe the sweat from the forehead and to prevent the sweat from the arms from reaching the hands and thus preventing the racket from slipping.

    Facts of Elastic Wristband from Vitobest

    • 100% cotton fabric.
    • Protects the wrist from injury.
    • Universal size.
    • Breathable elastic fabric.
    • Relieves fatigue during repetitions.
    • Prevents irritation and friction.
    • Provides protection and comfort.
    • Better grip.
    • Protects the wrist without tightening it too much.
    • Greater durability.

    With Elastic Wristband from Vitobest, enjoy breaking your training record, you will feel free of wrist injuries with a comfort and quality guaranteed when performing your daily exercise routine. This product is created thinking of the athletes to give a better comfort and tranquility to the moment of their daily routines; avoiding wrist injuries.

    Recommended use: as a sports accessory to improve grip during your training using machines or weightlifting.

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