Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best has an efficient proprietary formulation of original magnesium creatine chelate by Albion Labs, which is the most modern form of creatine since it provides the best increases in muscle tissue size, strength and endurance, to obtain optimal results from the physical activity.

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    What do you take it for? Regenerar ATP y aumentar fuerza muscular
    How is it taken? Dissolve in liquid and mix
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day
    When should it be taken? Before and/or after training
    Usos Performance increase

    Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best optimizes the endurance and favors the recovery process due to its content of creatine magnesium chelate.

    Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best has the ability to prevent collapse in the stomach, which results in better absorption and prevention of discomfort in it.

    This sports supplement has ingredients capable of increasing energy levels and ATP levels in the musculature. It contains an innovative form of creatine that attracts a considerable amount of water at intra and extra cellular levels. This increase in cellular hydration triggers a phenomenon called cell volumization, resulting in a better synthesis of muscle proteins and a more voluminous physical appearance. Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best is the perfect supplement for those athletes who aim to improve athletic performance and muscle strength.

    Clinical studies indicate that this product is able to optimize performance during training as it contains an ingredient patented by Albion Labs that has a high bioavailability. It also provides great protection from destruction in the digestive tract, which is extremely important because in that way there is an increased abundance of creatine available to be absorbed by the body. This nutritional supplement increases the energy, strength and speed of development of muscle mass because it is capable of producing large amounts of ATP, which makes the contraction of muscle fibers more efficient and produces much more powerful stimuli. It also includes in its formulation magnesium, which is essential for the synthesis of protein molecules and the hydrolysis of ATP. Numerous scientific studies have concluded that creatine and magnesium in combination are able to protect the creatine molecule from being transformed into inert creatinine, thereby increasing the amount of active creatine available for the metabolism of muscle cells, this results in a greater muscular energy. It optimizes creatine deposits in muscle tissue.

    Facts of Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best

    • Collaborates in the production of energy and ATP.
    • High bioavailability.
    • Increases strength, muscle strength and endurance.
    • Decreases the symptoms of fatigue.
    • Optimizes sports performance.
    • Expands storage and intake of creatine in muscle tissue.

    Creatine MagnaPower from Vit.O.Best gives more energy to your body, fighting the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue. It improves performance in each training.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement for healthy adults, it is recommended to take 2 doses of 5 grams each per day, one before training and one after training.

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