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Instant Oat Flakes - 500 g

Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is a tasty food that will improve the quality of your diet every time you enjoy it. Thus, this product is presented with substantial and fresh organic flakes, which you can delight in drinks, or by adding them to recipes.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest, is an energy and healthy food. Include it in your meals, starting today!

    These subtle Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is a so beneficial and exquisite food that most of the time it is usually eaten as a simple cereal, both for breakfast or for a snack.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is considered as the most powerful organic food in the world, since it is made from essential amino acids, good fats, proteins, fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest has remained the friendliest food thanks to its high nutritional versatility that fits very perfectly in all diets. This product, instead of being sugary, greasy and artificial, on this occasion, has been prepared with the most wonderful, 100% natural, health and nutritious organic oat flakes.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is the most abundant and protein-packed cereal. It basically contains six of the eight most pivotal and basic amino acids. For such a reason, its protein synthesis is truly exceptional.

    In addition, Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is only vegetable quality so when combined with other foods, such as milk and yogurt, its protein content will progressively increase, thus being an incredibly prodigious product to nourish you daily.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is also flooded with energy, since oats spontaneously contain complex carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed and easily assimilated in the body. In this way, it provides firm vigor throughout the long day, thus avoiding decay, fatigue, or exhaustion.

    In addition, this organic Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest has a type of fiber that does not dissolve when you consume it. Therefore, it makes it easier for food to pass fluidly through the long digestive tract, thus helping constipation and digestion.

    Other properties of this delicious food are fatty acids, such as omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamins A, B, E, and D, and many other minerals, such as calcium, zinc, and iron. All these macronutrients make these rich organic Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest superbly complete, even more than wheat, barley, or rye.

    What are the main characteristics of Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest?

    • Soft, light, fresh and very appetizing flakes.
    • Highly nutritious, enriched with protein, energy, fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
    • Facilitates digestion and provides satiety.
    • can be consumed as cereal, or soaked with other recipes.
    • Low glycemic level.

    Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest is a delicious product made from oats, for any of its very nice presentations, either for drinks or other recipes. It is the best nutritional and 100% natural gift that you can give to your body. Therefore, do not stop delighting this healthy Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest.

    Recommended use: delight and fall in love with this organic Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest by adding it to your drinks just like a cereal, such as yogurts, milk, and fresh juices. In fact, if soaked, Instant Oat Flakes from VitoBest works deliciously, adding to breads, cookies, creams, shakes, and much more.

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