The new product AFR is an abdominal fat reducer suitable for those people who wish to drastically reduce the accumulated fat in the abdominal zone that causes that ugly ?michelines?.

AFR - 90 capsules

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    What do you take it for? Losing located body fat
    How is it taken? Capsule / s before meals
    Size per dose One capsule
    How many times? Three times a day
    When should it be taken? Before meals
    Usos Weight loss

    AFR (Abdominal Fat Reducer)

    The new product AFR is an abdominal fat reducer suitable for those people who wish to drastically reduce the accumulated fat in the abdominal zone that causes that ugly ?michelines?. The AFR contains a novel formula based on extracts of new generation like the fucoxantine and IGOB 131.

    The principles of Vitobest AFR (Abdominal Fat Reducer)


    The fucoxantine is a type of carotenoid that is obtained from some seaweed foods, like wakame. This extract has been scientifically proven, obtaining the following results:

    • It inhibits the formation of new adiposites, besides destroying lipids and fats.
    • It increases the caloric use and it reduces the corporal weight.
    • It stimulates the loss of abdominal fat in obese animal .
    • It aids to rejuvenate the energetic metabolism, since it activates a special cellular protein that promotes the natural elimination of the stored fat.
    • It exerts a specific action on the cells of the white fatty tissue, that is accumulated in the abdomen and the liver, without implying the loss of muscular mass.
    • It aids to the liver in the fatty acid production Omega 3, like the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which also aids to reduce the LDL or colloquially known like ?bad cholesterol?.

    IGOB 131

    Generally IGOB 131 works by the following way, proven in clinical tests of 102 people. The people who took IGOB 131 besides losing an average of 12 kg in 10 weeks without diet, reduced the centimeters of waist and hip, in a very important way. This was verified in a second clinical test. Among its characteristics we find that:

    • It reduces the absorption of the fat: IGOB 131 reduces the amount of carbohydrates that become and absorb the sugar.
    • It increases the secretion of adiponectine: at greater level of Adiponectina, you burn more fatty cells. In addition the more Adiponectine, better levels of cholesterol, better insulin levels. In the clinical test of 6 weeks, the obese people with high cholesterol, reduced the cholesterol levels to a 26%.
    • Suppression of the fat Enzyme converter: it suppresses the action of one of the responsible enzymes to turn stored sugars into fats (Glicerol-3- phosphate deshidrogenase).
    • The presence of ppar receivers falls: the absence of these receivers makes that the fat cannot enter into the adipocites and therefore ithe ingested fat cannot be accumulated. The not stored fat automatically enter the lipolysis systems for its destruction.
    • It increases the mechanism of lipolysis and glucolysis: this means, burning the accumulated fats (destruction of adipocites) and the transformation of sugar in fatty tissue.
    • The lipogenesis falls: it prevents the fatty tissue formation.
    • It contributes to the normalization of the LDL cholesterol and insulin levels in obese people - this is under patent.

    For the first time a mark join the two most powerfull patented ingredients, to obtain a totally effective product in the difficult market of the control of weight: Vitobest AFR with Fucoxantine + IGOB 131.

    AFR of Vit.O.Best is a special product indicated for the fast lost of weight, it contributes to the located fat elimination specially hips and abdomen, it aids to prevent the accumulation of the new fatty tissue and to reduce the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol LDL.


    Directions: Take 1 capsule 3 times a day (before breakfast, food and dinner).


    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 capsule
    Doses per package: *0
    per dose

    Dry extract of Irvingia Cabonensis
    IGOB 131?

    Wakame Alga Undaria Pinnat?fida
    Rich in Fucoxantine

    150 mgs

    50 mgs

    Other ingredients: Inulin, microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin capsule, anti-caking chemicals, magnesium stearate and siliceous oxide.

    Opiniones de AFR - 90 capsules

    Adrian 2019-10-05 01:39:18
    Hola, se puede combinar con cla? Es decir el cla se toma 3 veces al día antes de las comidas, exactamente lgual que este producto, habría algún inconveniente en tomar los dos?
    Joel 2019-10-05 11:17:51
    Buenos días Adrián! Lo puedes combinar sin problema, no hay ningún tipo de contra indicación por tomarlo junto. Un saludo!
    Añadir Respuesta
    Afr1 y afr2 2018-10-10 07:33:56
    Me gustaría que me dijeran la diferencia entre afr1 y afr2, o si alguno de los dos es más potente. Muchas gracias
    Carlos Neptuno 2018-10-10 15:17:13
    Hola, buenas tardes. La principal diferencia la encontramos en la composición. AFR1 está compuesto por extracto de mango africano combinado con extracto seco de cacao. Por el contrario, AFR2 está compuesto por cetonas de frambuesa y extracto de café verde. Ambos productos son bastante efectivos y logran la quema de grasa a través de "diferentes caminos". No hay uno más potente que otro, sino que hay más o menos recomendable según el caso particular de la persona. Tenemos un chat en directo para solventar este tipo de dudas en casos tan particulares. Un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
    Antonio roman 2018-09-18 22:08:20
    Hola buenas podría usar este producto con morpheus y aceti l carnitina?
    Beltran 2018-09-19 10:13:19
    Hola, se puede combinar sin problema, son suplementos diferentes actúan de forma distinta.Un saludo
    Beltran 2018-09-19 10:13:20
    Hola, se puede combinar sin problema, son suplementos diferentes actúan de forma distinta.Un saludo
    Beltran 2018-09-19 10:13:21
    Hola, se puede combinar sin problema, son suplementos diferentes actúan de forma distinta.Un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
    Jose 2018-08-02 08:00:49
    Hola, este producto contiene algún tipo de estimulante? Pregunto porque he visto que pone que aumenta la energía y soy muy nervioso y me afectan los estimulantes, gracias.
    Joel 2018-08-02 09:56:13
    Buenos dias , no lleva ningun estimulantes no cafeina ni nada de ese tipo.gracias un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
    Cristian 2018-06-28 15:56:53
    Actualmente estoy entrenando de 4 a 5 días semanales, tomo proteinas whey, creatina. ahora voy añadir este producto y omega3 podrías recomendarme como los tomo? antes de las comidas o después?
    Carlos Neptuno 2018-07-17 13:37:22
    Hola buenas tardes. Consuma AFR1 tres capsulas al día, una antes de cada comida. Omega 3 consuma dos perlas despues de desayunar y otras dos antes de dormir. Un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
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