Vitargo? is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes especially, that provide the necessary load with muscular energy (glycogen).

Vitargo Carboloader 2kg

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    What do you take it for? Reset glycogen deposits, Performance, recovery
    How is it taken? Swallow with water, Dissolve in liquid and mix
    Size per dose One service
    How many times? Once or twice a day, Depending on how long will the competition take
    When should it be taken? Before, during and / or after training, Before and during training
    Usos Performance increase, Energy, Weight loss

    Vitargo? is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes especially, that provide the necessary load with muscular energy (glycogen).Thanks to its size, it passes faster by the stomach, getting to the blood after the intestinal transit. This process is called osmolality and the greater osmolality the faster stomach transit.Vitargo has been proven clinically in the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm and compared with other ?ordinary? energy drinks . In all the tests with Vitargo, the recharge of glycogen deposits and the stomach transit were faster than any other glucose polymer combination.

    WHAT IS VITARGO? Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate, created for elite athletes, that contributes an effective load of muscular energy (glycogen) readily accessible for the muscle. Vitargo has been proven clinically (references 1 and 2) and compared with other supplements and sport carbohydrate drinks. The results demonstrated that Vitargo filled faster the glycogen deposits and its permanence in the stomach was also shorter.
    Compared with other glucose polymer combinations, the results with Vitargo demonstrated the following:

    Charge of glycogen levelsVitargo 70% faster
    Passage through the stomachVitargo 80% faster

    In summary, this means:

    u Vitargo remains a short time in the stomach and, by the same, it does not produce discomfort during the physical activity.
    u Vitargo does not absorb water (fluids) from the corporal reserves. Rather it increases the contribution of fluid to the sanguineous flow working as a pump during the exercise. u

    u Carbohydrate storage with Vitargo assures good levels of glycogen without altering the habitual diet nor affecting our performing.
    u Vitargo also contributes to effectively fill up the glycogen levels immediately after the training or the competition. In this way we retain s positive energy balance that moves away the overtraining symptoms and it protects us from possible infections.


    There is an enormous variety of supplements of carbohydrates, energy drinks, etc. It very difficult for the consumer at the time of choosing the appropriate product. It is easy to lose itself in the terminological labyrinth with words like osmolarity, polymers of glucose, maltodextrine, dextrose, etc.

    This is why we are going to clarify to the concept of energy drinks, and thus we will see why Vitargo is the best alternative in the market of the carbohydrate supplements!

    The supplements and energy drinks with carbohydrates consist of degradable starches. In the label we will find ingredients listed like maltodextrine, glucose syrup and dextrose (glucose). These combinations are called, also, hidrolized starches, complex and polymeric carbohydrates of glucose.

    Besides these ingredients, the majority of these products contains common sugar.

    The starch comes, generally, of the maize, the wheat or the potato. The starch is a giant molecule constructed by long chains of which the glucose is the smaller part. This means that once the starch is totally degraded, we remained with a glucose solution (call dextrose in its granulated form). The Maltodextrine and syrup of statch are derived from the easy degradable starch. The degradation level comes dice by the molecular weight. In order to include/understand what this means we have listed the most common carbohydrate sources with its molecular weight so that they serve to us as guide:


    Starch< 250 000 000
    Vitargo500 000 - 700 000
    Maltodextrine1 000 - 10 000
    Starch syrup250 - 1 000

    Vitargo has a molecular weight 100 times greater than the one of other carbohydrates commonly used in supplements and drinks.

    Vitargo does not contain simple carbohydrates nor monosaccharides.

    REFERENCES: 1. K. Piehl Aulin, K. Soderlund, e. Hultman. Muscle rate in humans glycogen resynthesis to after supplementation of drinks containing carbohydrates with low and high molecular masses (Vitargo). Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. 81:346 - 351, 20002. K. Piehl-Aulin, K. Soderlund ET to. Improved gastric emptying rate in humans of to unique glucose to polymer (Vitargo). Scand. J. Gastroenterol 2000; 35:1143 - 1149

    Table 1


    Table 2

    CarbohydratesMolecular weight
    Starch< 250 000 000
    Vitargo500 000 - 700 000
    Maltodextrine1 000 - 10 000
    Starch syrup250 - 1 000

    Supplement Facts:

    100 g75 g
    Power value (kJ/kcal)1550/3701160/280
    Proteins (g)<0,5<0,5
    Carbohydrates (g)9269
    Cant. Starches (g) 9068
    Cant. Simple carbohydrates (g)<0,5<0,5
    Fats (g)<0,5<0,5

    Ingredients: starch (Vitargo) Made by: SWECARB AB, Skeppsbron 11, 392 31 Kalmar


    Load and Unloading during the Exercise

    Many athletes suffer disagreeable stomach upheavals during a competition. What is the cause of this?

    We know that not only it is necessary to contribute water to the body during a long session of training, but also the use of supplements in the form of carbohydrates. The choice of these carbohydrates is essential if we wished to secure the best results and avoiding stomach problems. If we chose an easy degradable carbohydrate, of short molecular structure like, for example, the glucose syrup, we increased the risk of stomach problems. However, choosing a carbohydrate chemically similar to the starch of long molecular structure like, for example, the one of Vitargo?, we will have made the right option.

    Explained of a simpler way, the greater rate of degradation of a starch, the more osmolarity in water. The Osmolarity affects to the stomach in such a way that a high rate of osmolarity restrains the passage through stomach. In addition, the water is retained in the stomach due to the permanence brought about by the osmotic effect.

    The solutions of low osmolarity are called hypotonics. While more hypotonic is a solution, the transit through the stomach towards the intestine will be faster, where the consumption of energy takes place. The low osmolarity can benefit from another way, pumping the load towards the sanguineous flow

    Vitargo owns the lowest osmolarity of all the extreme-hipotonicas solutions of the market.

    Vitargo diminishes the risk of stomach problems without stopping being the best option for the contribution of immediate energy!

    Results of Osmolarity

    Sport drinksSolution to 5%Solution to 10%Solution to 15%
    Original Maxim48100165
    Isostar Long Energy89181306

    Results of Osmolarity in prepared drinks following the instructions of concentration:

    Sport drinksSolution
    to 10%
    Prepared according to the instructions
    MAXIM electrolyte301205y

    * 70g dust diluted in 700ml water
    xs 75g dust diluted in 500ml water
    and 60g dust dilu?dos in 750ml water

    The results of the Osmolaridad appear in mOsm/kg
    These results come from the combination of distilled water products. It was realised this way because the hardness of the water of the faucet varies by regions and can affect to the values of osmolarity between 5-15 units. A carbohydrate concentration of the 5-8% is recommended during the training. It remembers that Vitargo owns a osmolarity 15% minor than the one of Original Maxim, that is of 5%.

    Studies of Load/Recharge (references 1 and 2) reveals that Vitargo loads and recharges carbohydrates more indeed than other carbohydrate drinks. The explanation of the superiority of Vitargo differs according to the investigators. All the diagnoses affirm that Vitargo is the fastest and most effective way to recover the energy balance of the organism. The first who noticed the difference between Vitargo and other supplements with carbohydrates were the athletes of sports of resistance like triatl?n, marathon, cycling and ski. They discovered that they held more and they recovered before, at the same time as the symptoms of overtraining and sensitivity to the diseases fell.

    In other words, after proving the range of product of Vitargo all the others will seem little. At the present time, in the elite sports, the triumph is everything and, with Vitargo you have the key of the success.

    Instructions of Use 1 portion (75g) = 1.5 dl dust. Beat with water.
    In order to load: 1 portion in 6 dl of water Long Training: Begin to load 3 days before the competition. Drink 2 servings of Vitargo between meals throughout the day. Maintain the same diet. It is not necessary to eat more! Team Sports: Drink 1 portion of Vitargo the day before the game. 1 portion is equivalent to 3 portions of cooked grazes ! Like drink during the training: 1 serving mixed with 8-10 ml of water Long training: 1 serving mixed with 8-10 dl of water during one hour of activity For Recovery: 1 serving mixed with 6 dl of water or milk immediately in POST-WORKOUT. Preparation:
    Mix the product with 200 ml of water. Shake energetically 1 to 2 minutes and add the necessary water to complete ? liter.

    Opiniones de Vitargo Carboloader 2kg

    Francisco Fernández Méndez 2018-12-09 09:15:02
    Buenos días, una duda.. Actualmente estoy tomando Amilopectina como perientreno mezclada con bcaas y un batido de proteina después.Para ganancia muscular es mejor esta combinacion o meto Vitargo en vez fe la Amilopectina? Gracias
    Joel 2018-12-10 10:21:10
    Hola francisco.El Vitargo es prácticamente igual que la amilopectina en cuanto a su función y utilidad. Si que hay una diferencia en cuanto a digestibilidad, así que yo me decantaría por el que mejor te siente a nivel digestivo.Un saludo.
    Añadir Respuesta
    Duda Vitargo 2018-11-01 11:37:53
    Hola buenas quería saber cual es mejor el sabor naranja o frutas de verano?
    Joel 2018-11-02 10:05:50
    Buenas , eso es algo personal pero el de naranja le gusta mas a la gente.gracias un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
    Carbohidratos recomendados 2018-10-17 22:09:42
    Hola, soy corredor aficionado, y quería que me recomendaran diferentes productos y marcas de carbohidratos para antes de entrenar, sobre todo que aparte de eficaces tengan buen sabor, acabo de comprar Carbo jet gain, sabor platano de la marca Amix, y no me gusta nada, tiene un sabor muy artificial, en cambio he comprado Whey proteín complex sabor fresa, para después de entrenar y tiene un sabor muy bueno y natural, espero su respuesta, gracias
    Beltran 2018-10-18 10:07:54
    Hola por que son 2 productos diferentes unos es carbohidratos y otro proteína, el tema del sabor es difícil, pero si le gusta la whey lo mejor ya que la tiene combinarlo con el mejor carbohidrato que para mi gusto hay, que es el Vitargo.Un saludo
    Añadir Respuesta
    JOSE CARLOS 2014-01-09 18:22:34

    Hola amigos,siempre he consumido este Vitargo porque creo que es el original y un producto de calidad pero tengo la duda siguiente.¿ Que diferencia hay entre este y el Vitargo pure ?.Gracias.

    Edgar Morilla - MM Team 2014-01-09 18:22:34

    Ambas formulaciones son del mismo fabricante Vitargo, que podrás encontrar en la web del fabricante.

    La diferencia básica es que la formulación Carboloader tiene sabor y está más recomendado para tomar directamente. El formato Vitargo Pure es neutro, sin sabor, sólo el Vitargo. La forma Pure, debido a su sabor neutro está más recomendada para mezclar con otros batidos, aunque también se puede consumir sólo.

    Como Vitargo es una formula de carbohidratos pantentada, la misma marca también comercializa a otros fabricantes el carbohidrato, que es el Vitargo que puedes encontrar en otras marcas como Quamtrax o Scitec Nutrition, entre otras tantas.

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