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Vitargo Carboloader 1kg

Vitargo Carboloader is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes. It provides the necessary load with muscular energy (glycogen).

  • Size per dose
    Size per dose
    50.0 One service
  • What do you take it for?
    What do you take it for?
    Performance, recovery
  • How is it taken?
    How is it taken?
    Swallow with water
  • How many times?
    How many times?
    Once or twice a day
  • When should it be taken?
    When should it be taken?
    Before and during training
  • Usos
    Performance increase


Vitargo is the unique patented and formulated carbohydrate for elite athletes. It provides the necessary load with muscular energy (glycogen). Thanks to its size, it passes faster by the stomach, getting to the blood after the intestinal transit. This process is called osmolality and the greater osmolality the faster stomach transit. Vitargo has been proven clinically in the Karolinska Institute of Stockholm and compared with other ordinary energy drinks. In all the tests with Vitargo, the recharge of glycogen deposits and the stomach transit were faster than any other glucose polymer combination.

WHAT IS VITARGO? Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate, created for elite athletes, that contributes an effective load of muscular energy (glycogen) readily accessible for the muscle. Vitargo has been proven clinically (references 1 and 2) and compared with other supplements and sport carbohydrate drinks. The results demonstrated that Vitargo filled faster the glycogen deposits and its permanence in the stomach was also shorter.

Main features:

  • Remains a short time in the stomach and, by the same, it does not produce discomfort during the physical activity.
  • Does not absorb water (fluids) from the corporal reserves. Rather it increases the contribution of fluid to the sanguineous flow working as a pump during the exercise.
  • Carbohydrate storage with Vitargo assures good levels of glycogen without altering the habitual diet nor affecting our performing.

Vitargo also contributes to effectively fill up the glycogen levels immediately after the training or the competition. In this way we retain positive energy balance that moves away the overtraining symptoms and it protects us from possible infections.

Suggested use: As a dietary supplement, take as follows:

As a drink during training: 1 scoop mixed with 8-10 ml of water.

Prolonged workouts: 1 scoop mixed with 80-100 ml of water for an hour of activity. 

For Recovery: 1 scoop mixed with 600 ml of water or milk immediately after training. 


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