Vitargo is positioned as a leading brand in Europe thanks to its excellent sports and nutritional supplements, being a favorite brand among athletes and sportsmen from Europe and all over the World.


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The beginnings of Vitargo are located in 1993, when the Swedish businessman Roger Sandström intends to produce a high quality energy drink. The problem always lay in the need for a new type of sugar, since the conventional saccharide had low peaks, insufficient for long-distance athletes. In that sense, it was necessary to create a carbohydrate with low delivery of blood sugar and in turn with a slow absorption, offering greater body performance.

The products produced by Vitargo are processed in its factory in the southeast of Sweden, where the production is fully computerized and controlled to guarantee the highest quality grade available. In addition, all processing is carried out in a closed process. The latter means that it goes directly from the manufacture to the containers in which it is distributed. In addition, it is necessary to indicate that in the factory only the starch powder of this substance is elaborated, which avoids the environmental contamination of carbohydrates.

By referring to Vitargo, rather than referring to a company, emphasis is placed on a formula patented by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, which consists of a much larger carbohydrate than those used in sports supplements, its structure being similar to the of glycogen. This results in a unique product, perfectly developed by researchers, scientists, nutritionists and elite athletes, who work synergistically in the main production plants to achieve the highest level of quality possible. Using only the best raw materials, Vitargo promises to be an invaluable ally for every athlete or sportsman who seeks quality supplementation and that guarantees their health. This thanks to its natural ingredients and the strict supervision to which each production process is subjected.

The Vitargo factory in Sweden has been certified since 1991 by the BRC (British Retail Consortium), which is the association of British food chains, which has been able to enter the Anglo-Saxon market with great ease. In addition, it is endorsed by the ISO 9001 standard and its internal microbiological laboratory is correctly accredited by the ISO 17025 standards.

Always keep in mind that Vitargo is an international brand, which distributes its products with great effectiveness globally. This in turn has allowed it to forge alliances between the original producer in Sweden and other companies that dedicate themselves to the sale of products for athletes, thus allowing to cover a greater territory and managing to reach more and more customers. To that effect, it has to be considered that it has a wide range of distributors in different parts of the world, including each continent.