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Mass Gainer - 2kg

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Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance is a protein concentrate that promotes the increase of muscle mass. It has a combination of four types of healthy carbohydrates, whey, oatmeal and wheat. It provides branched chain amino acids, which combat muscle exhaustion and boost performance during regular muscle-building practice.

    Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance increases your muscle mass and gives you unlimited energy.

    Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance is a concentrated supplement designed to improve the practice of very demanding disciplines such as bodybuilding or aerobic running.

    It will provide all the necessary nutrients to recover strength, keep fatigue at bay, but above all, it will keep your muscles growing thanks to its high quality branched chain amino acid (BCAA) content. You will also get high quality carbohydrates that ensure that the ideal anabolic environment is produced which is required to tone the body up and boost strength levels. It comes with a practical nozzle that facilitates its intake.

    The recovery period is key to muscle evolution. It is when the process of muscle hypertrophy occurs, during which the muscles must rebuild and develop in volume and strength. Mass Gainer from Victory ensures that you receive all the necessary nutrients so that your body has all the necessary material to build your body and obtain the desired volume. This is achieved through its high level of BCAA protein and carbohydrate concentrate, from which a high level of energy is also obtained. It provides all those nutrients that are not synthesized autonomously, and that are vital to increase muscle volume.

    The level of energy provided by Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance is guaranteed by its four types of carbohydrates, namely wheat starch, oatmeal, dextrose and maltodextrose. Added to the whey protein, you get a vital source of vigor for a high impact workout. It is digested quickly, so its properties act early in the process of muscle tissue repair. They also stimulate the production of glycogen stores, after which more insulin is released as part of the process of increasing the energy level.

    Facts of Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance

    • whey protein
    • Wheat starch
    • oatmeal
    • BCAAs

    Mass Gainer from Victory Endurance is a concentrated supplement whose virtue is to improve the anabolic conditions that allow muscles to grow. It offers the benefits of BCAAs, which are required for tissues to repair themselves and increase their structure. It also has four types of vital carbohydrates to get more energy, and keep all the demands of a successful workout. It is easily consumed and its nutrients quickly reach the digestive system, from which its properties begin to act. It is an ideal food product for bodybuilders, aerobics or fitness practitioners.

    Recommended use: take 100 grams of this powder mixed in 500 ml of water or skimmed milk.

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