Pack Total Recovery 750g + ISO Energy 900g + Coconut Water from Victory Endurance is a magnificent combination of three essential supplements for your training since they optimize recovery, provide energy and facilitate proper hydration. Exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

Pack total recovery 750g + iso energy 900g + coconut water 200g

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Pack Total Recovery 750g + ISO Energy 900g + Coconut Water - 200g se suele comprar con

Pack Total Recovery 750g + ISO Energy 900g + Coconut Water from Victory Endurance: excellent combination to enhance recovery and hydration.

Pack Total Recovery 750g + ISO Energy 900g + Coconut Water from Victory Endurance is a powerful combination of three excellent sports supplements to stimulate optimal hydration, help replenish lost nutrients during physical exertion and enjoy an adequate supply of energy, ideal to achieve any goal you set out. In addition, they are quickly assimilated and incredible effectiveness to boost your body from the first moment you take it.

One of the supplements that make up this amazing pack is Total Recovery, which is one of the most advanced products in sports nutrition, because it is composed of proteins, glutamine, branched amino acids, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes undoubtedly favors a maximum recovery after exercise. In addition, it is a very advanced and perfectly developed formula that will offer optimum results immediately upon taking it. On the other hand, we have ISO Energy 900g, an advanced product based on carbohydrates of different ratios of absorption and electrolytes designed to provide a rich source of energy and hydration, even steadily. To that effect, the ingredients that compose it ensure a rapid replacement of nutrients and minerals lost during the course of sports activities, and to top it off, the amino acid L-Glutamine, a key nutrient in recovery and regeneration of tissues. Finally, Coconut Water is a neutral flavored powdered supplement that allows you to prepare a delicious coconut drink enriched with minerals and carbohydrates to take at any time of physical activity and provide timely hydration. Because of its refreshing taste and natural content of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium is a suitable choice to hydrate and prevent the loss of these essential minerals.

Facts of Pack Total Recovery 750g + ISO Energy 900g + Coconut Water from Victory Endurance

  • Stimulates optimal recovery before, during or after exercise
  • Ensures adequate hydration and electrolyte balance
  • Provides constant and effective energy
  • Helps boost sports performance
  • Offers a fast and effective assimilation
  • Comfortable pack of three perfect supplements for recovery and hydration

Each of these supplements have been scientifically developed and tested to improve your body's recovery, as well as enhance performance in competitions or routines with high physical impact and help maintain electrolyte balance. Incorporate them into your daily intake and you will get results never seen before.

Recommended use: as a sports supplement, mix 50 grams of Total Recovery (1 measuring pot) in 250 ml of water and drink immediately after exercise. For ISO Energy, take one serving of 30 grams every 45 minutes of intense exercise. As for Coconut Water, mix 15 grams of powder (2 heaped bowls) in 250 ml of water and drink before, during or after training.

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