Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance is an interesting supplement based on egg membrane with Vitamin C and other components that facilitate the life itself of those who constantly suffer from pain and inflammation in the joints, but above all it is aimed at sportsmen and athletes who suffer from similar discomfort caused by training.

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Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance was designed for you because you love what you are and what you do. Live in movement and say no to pain and inflammation in bones and joints.

Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance are innovative capsules with the power to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory and give relief to pain in bones and joints caused, generally, by hard physical training. Victory Endurance has used the most ingenious techniques in the preparation of these capsules, which is why its main ingredient is the egg shell membrane, whose use represents the most innovative in terms of the manufacture of products for bones and joints. The egg membrane has a great variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for the correct operation of the body, however, its increasing use is due to its analgesic and desinflammatory properties, ideal for people with hectic lifestyles such as athletes, because it keeps bones, joints and cartilages healthy and without discomfort that may cause a break in the lifestyle of consumers. They are also known to regenerate the cartilage, endowing them with strength and resistance, as well as skin, hair and nails, the healing effects of the egg shell membrane can even be used to treat degenerative diseases of the bone system such as arthritis or osteoporosis. There is no doubt about the increased use of this raw material, and now Victory Endurance brings it to you in the form of practical capsules.

Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance, not only does it contain the properties of its main ingredient, the egg membrane, but it has also been enriched with Vitamin C and black pepper extract. Vitamin C is an antioxidant by nature, whose most relevant function in the use of this product is the repair and maintenance of cartilage and bones. On the other hand, the black pepper extract acts as the responsible for facilitating the function that absorbs the other nutrients; and together they result in a wonderful product that will effectively relieve the wear and tear of bones and joints, so important for sportsmen and athletes.

Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance is the perfect supplement for your physical training, you will not have to give up one more day in the gym or in the field because of the painful discomfort in your joints, the capsules of Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance are the ideal solution, feel safe and maintain your lifestyle.

Facts of Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance

  • Reduces pain in bones and joints.
  • Reduces swelling produced by physical training.
  • Regenerates the cartilages, endowing them with resistance and strength.
  • Contains Vitamin C, which repairs and maintains cartilage and bones.
  • Contains extract of black pepper, responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

Ovo Joint from Victory Endurance was designed for people like you, who live to the fullest, and do not let a discomfort in bones or joints to put life on pause. Live your life and practice sports to the fullest.

Recommended use: to supplement your daily physical routines, take one capsule a day to relieve and prevent discomfort and pain in the bones and joints. Ideal in times of hard training. Keep in a dry and cool place.

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