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New Nature's Energy Bar - 60g

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New Nature's Energy Bar from Victory Endurance comes in a 60g format and is ideal to fill you with energy before, during or after training, because it contains ingredients that will raise you when you feel you can not do it anymore. It provides you with the necessary nutrients your body needs during a hard workout.

    New Nature's Energy Bar from Victory Endurance: a small delight full of energy and flavor.

    Keeping fit and living a healthy life is the best we can do for our body, for it the proper nutrition when we exercise is imperative so we get the necessary nutrients and energy. New Nature's Energy Bar is an option as a healthy and delicious snack before or after training because they will give you the energy you need for those hard exercice sessions.

    Sometimes while we train either in the gym or outdoors, we have a characteristic drop in energy, it is annoying and worrying because we can not perform well and we can even stop training by half, we do not want that, right? Nature's Energy Bar has a composition that helps to replace the consumed energy and is ideal to take it with us and eat as a snack when we need, either before the most rigorous exercises, during them if you feel that you lack energy or later to replenish and get satisfied a little.

    By having your energy bars reserve you reduce the chances of sweet cravings that tend to appear at any time, so instead of eating a chocolate or any other treat that is full of sugars and trans fats you can choose to eat something less harmful to your body and satisfy the craving that would otherwise make you break your routines of an active and healthy life. Many professionals in the area of fitness advise to always have some energy bars for cravings as mentioned before as it is very common that it happens even if you are very disciplined with your diet.

    The great thing about these bars is that they contain the right proportions of nutrients that give you energy during your training session, they are easy to digest and you can take them anywhere as they do not melt in the heat. It is recommended you try eating a bar of Nature's Energy Bar in your training days to get filled with the energy you need.

    Facts of New Nature's Energy Bar from Victory Endurance

    • Energy bar.
    • 33% oatmeal.
    • 43% fruits.
    • New improved formula without palm oil.
    • May contain traces of soy, eggs, lactose, peanuts and other nuts.
    • With less than 0.2% trans fat.

    Taste New Nature's Energy Bar from Victory Endurance and you will notice the difference after eating them, your energy will be high, your stomach satiated and your body full of the nutrients. Its improved ingredients are more delicious and healthy, the best option for you.

    Recommended use: this product is indicated as a snack before, during or after a rigorous or moderate training.

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