Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance comes in 60 capsule format. It provides the body with iron thanks to its dose of one capsule daily. It is accompanied by vitamins C, B1 and B12 to improve ferric metabolism. Ideal for improving the oxygen uptake, being effective to gain an energy boost when jogging long distances or practicing sports of high physical requirement.

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    Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance, excellent supplement to replenish iron levels in the body.

    The product Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance comes in 60 capsule format. It is a nutritional supplement that provides iron to the body. The idea is to help superlatively improve the so-called VO2 Max factor, which is defined as the maximum amount of oxygen that the body mttabolizes per unit of time.

    Usually the VO2 Max is measured in ml / kg / min (milliliters of oxygen / per kilogram body / per minute). The higher this factor, the greater the cardiovascular capacity. In that sense, it must be clarified that iron is essential in the formation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the organs. Therefore, athletes who consume Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance have more power, energy and get more oxygen. Likewise, it also happens that iron is essential to accumulate oxygen in muscle cells.

    Iron is not itself a fuel in the body, but it helps in hemoglobin and improves oxygen consumption. For this reason, when the ferric input is deficient, signs of weakness, fatigue or low energy appear. Therefore, athletes should ingest in their diet a good dose of foods with iron, because due to their training requirements they have their energetic needs increased. In this direction, Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance has been developed taking into account that the correct appropriation of human iron depends on its origin. For example, it is known that there are foods rich in iron, but humans find it difficult to metabolize. For this reason, the capsules of this product mix iron with vitamins C, B9 and B12 to make it easier to capture and more tolerable to the digestive system, thus avoiding the stomach upset or constipation that other similar supplements cause.

    Facts of Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance

    • Comes in a container of 60 capsules.
    • Enriched with vitamins C, B1 and B12 that are key in the absorption of iron.
    • Great tolerance to the digestive system.
    • Increases oxygen consumption and storage.
    • Reduces muscle pain, because it blocks the lactic acid.
    • Ideal for delaying fatigue and improving breathing.

    With the help of Iron VO2 Max from Victory Endurance, sportsmen who need exceptionally high levels of energy will be able to better withstand sports routines, as they will be able to absorb more and better oxygen that serves as fuel for body work.

    Recommended use: consume 1 capsule per day before breakfast, combine with high physical fitness routines for better results, ingest for 2 weeks, rest 1 and continue.

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