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Energy up! + Caffeine - 40 g

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Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance is an amazing moisturizing and revitalizing gel that will help you in the most demanding moments of your training. It contains simple carbohydrates, caffeine, guarana and sodium, which boost the level of energy and replenish electrolytes at those times when your body needs them most. Its texture and ergonomic container facilitate its use in any activity.

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    Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance is delicious, refreshing and energizing. Revitalizes your body in the most intense moments of your physical routines!

    Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance is a refreshing gel, great flavor and with revitalizing and moisturizing properties that are very useful during the practice of all your physical activities.

    It contains fructose, sucrose and dextrose, which are carbohydrates that provides three energy levels in order to avoid glycemic peaks. In addition, it also has guarana and caffeine, which creates an excellent ergogenic effect that stimulates concentration. In the same way, it contributes to the metabolism of fats and reduce the feeling of fatigue. This soda in gel format also contains sodium, which is a mineral essential to replace the electrolytes that every athlete loses through perspiration.

    You can meet all your hydration requirements by taking Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance. Not only do you lose salts when you practice sports, you also need to replenish calories and carbohydrates, which are essential for a proper level of energy and endurance. This gel has a delicious flavor and can help you replenish everything you lose quickly, because thanks to its format its nutrients are easily assimilated. Eat it to have short, medium and long-term energies. Enjoy its flavor and its refreshing texture. It comes in a container that is easy to use. You can consume it easily in the gym or outdoors. It does not only serve to replenish electrolytes. It is a product that will immediately provide your body with nutrients essential to restore your vitality.

    If you are a beginner or a professional in any discipline you can benefit from taking Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance. If you are starting the practice of an exercise routine, it will be enough to take one gel per hour of training. If you increase the intensity a little more, then, you can ensure replenishment by eating one every 45 minutes of physical activity. And, if you are a professional, or you are going to participate in a competition, or if you practice a sport that requires a lot of effort, then, the ideal is that you eat a gel for every half hour. In this way, you will enjoy a high-quality hydration, which will boost your vitality in more than one way.

    Specifications of Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance per dose (40 g):

    * These values ​​are approximate, they may change depending on flavor.

    • Contains 25 g of carbohydrates.
    • Includes 24.6 g of sugars.
    • Has less than 4 g of protein.
    • Has 60 mg of caffeine.
    • Provides 30 mg of guarana.
    • Contributes 100 mg of sodium.

    Energy up! + Caffeine from Victory Endurance is a refreshing gel with great taste and nutritional properties that will help you restore the level of energy. It contains simple carbohydrates which provide different levels of energy and do not cause glycemic peaks. Experience renewed strength by eating this easy-to-take gel.

    Recommended use: consume 1 unit per hour in low-intensity activities; 1 every 45 minutes for medium-intensity activities and 1 every half hour in high-intensity activities. In the practice of team sports, eat only 1 in the halftime break.

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