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Energy jelly bar - 32g

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Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is a delicious and very nutritious energy bar, made of natural fruits and ingredients, which provides you with a fast and reliable source of energy for your workouts. Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is also made up of branched amino acids BCAA´s fast assimilation carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It has a delicious flavour and a rich texture.

    Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance, the delicious and nutritive energy bar that increases your energy quickly whenever and wherever you need it.

    Before or during training, a good amount of energy is always necessary for you to make the most of your exercise routine based on muscle and physical development, which is even more indispensable in high intensity workouts. Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is an extraordinary energy and nutritious bar that gives sportspeople a good amount of fast-digesting carbohydrates giving the energy your muscles need to face the workouts. In addition, Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance also offers other essential nutrients, like vitamins B1 and B6, minerals such as chlorine and potassium and the extraordinary BCAA branched essential amino acids, which help muscle building and growth, and as a result, an optimal recovery; all in one delicious fruity jelly stick.

    Characteristics of Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance

    • It improves energy metabolism
    • It remarkably increases energy
    • It improves physical performance
    • It promotes muscle growth
    • Quick digestion and assimilation
    • It has a delicious taste and texture
    • It increases resistance to tiredness and fatigue
    • It helps muscle recovery
    • It provides vitamins and minerals
    • It contains BCAA branched essential amino acids
    • It does not contain fat
    • It promotes electrolyte replacement
    • It is a quick source of energy
    • It improves glycogen stores
    • It nourishes muscle cells
    • It is made of apple pulp
    • It favours vasodilation

    What is in each Energy Jelly Bar of Victory Endurance?

    Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is an energetic bar with delicious jelly texture, which is easy to consume and does not need to chew too much, making its intake and absorption in the body easier for a quick supply of energy.

    Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is made with fruit pulp, vitamins B1 and B6, minerals like sodium, potassium and chlorine; BCAA´s amino acids and beetroot juice for a greater nutritional and healthy contribution.

    Content per bar (32 g)

    • It has an energy value of 108 Kcal
    • It contains 27g of carbohydrates, of which 22 g are from sugars
    • It contains 0.84mg of vitamin B1
    • It has 1mg of vitamin B6
    • Provides 127mg of chlorine
    • It contains 40mg of potassium
    • Provides 60mg of sodium
    • Contains 200mg of beet juice
    • Enriched with 150mg of L-Leucine
    • You have 75mg of L-Isoleucine
    • It contains 75mg of L-Valine
    • Provides 75mg of L-Arginine
    • Contains 50mg of L-Taurine

    What can be achieved with Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance?

    Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is a bar that offers the necessary nutrients for maximum physical performance during your workouts, giving you instant and lasting energy, along with vitamins, minerals and BCAA's for the development and protection of your muscles, increasing strength and helping to resist fatigue even more effectively.

    Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance is created for any adult person who wants a fast and reliable supply of energy for their daily activities, especially for sportspeople and athletes, to improve performance in their workouts.

    Recommended daily dose of Energy Jelly Bar by Victory Endurance

    • As an energy bar, consume 1 with 200 ml of water
    • Eat it during training
    • Eat the bar every day of training

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