Victory Endurance

Victory Endurance is the line by Weider aimed at athletes and sportspeople who want to improve their performance, health and vitality, reducing the deterioration caused by a poor diet and poor nutrition combined with intense physical activities such as endurance sports.

This line has been created especially for high-performance athletes and for those who made prolonged efforts, and its purpose is to optimize energy supply by improving hydration, recovery and physical performance.


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Victory Endurance is divided into three basic categories, with products cataloged according to the benefit provided to the athlete: Hydration, Energy and Recovery, which offer an extra contribution to cover all the needs and that help to balance the diet of an athlete or anyone who trains regularly.

Weider supports clean sport, free from prohibited substances, and all its products have the free from doping guarantee. The company's research and development teams in Germany and the United States develop high-efficiency products with ingredients that promote good health and provide the ultimate in nutrition for athletes.

The mission of Weider International Nutrition is to provide an optimal service to the nutrition market, characterized by leadership with innovative and high quality products that promote the well-being of its consumers.

It is a line from the Weider Nutrition brand, aimed at endurance sports like cycling, triathlon, running or fitness. Weider Nutrition with over 70 years of experience in the sports nutrition market is synonymous with quality and trust. In these times Weider Nutrition not only focuses on the fitness and bodybuilding sector but also caters to the great demand of the people through its Victory Endurance line by Weider, satisfying the needs of a large number of people who play high resistance sports, through its high quality products that provide hydration, energy and recovery.