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Profeel protein snack - 175g

Valio is a prestigious dairy company founded by farmers in 1905 in Finland. It is recognized for its range of consumer goods with an excellent quality. Their products are made with premium quality milk which is lactose-free and has protein-rich flavours. Valio is well-known in the markets because of its lactose-free products.

  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Start your mornings with Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio. It is a different snack.

    Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio is cheese with a smooth, delicate, fresh and light consistency. It has different fruit flavours and aromas that are delicious.  Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio contains high quality natural milk protein, with no added sugar and it is a low fat and lactose content. It is a healthy and satisfying snack. Each of its ingredients, benefits and amino acids of Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio is well balanced so that your body enjoys and makes the most in your daily routine. Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio presents three delicious flavours: mango with vanilla, pear with chocolate and mint with chocolate. They are an exquisite way of getting the daily recommended protein intake in a healthy way.

    Essential characteristics of Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio

    • It has a high protein content.
    • It does not have lactose.
    • It is smooth and fresh consistency.
    • It keeps and helps to increase muscle mass.
    • It is a healthy and satisfying snack.
    • It has no added sugar.
    • It is perfect for lactose intolerant people
    • It is available in three exquisite flavours.
    • It contains nine amino acids.
    • It perfect for a healthy and balanced diet.


    Ingredients and format of Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio

    Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio provides the body with the best amounts of high quality protein that immediately benefits the growth and maintenance of muscle mass as part of a balanced diet typical of a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to its easy digestion, it immediately benefits the intestinal circulation. It does not contain fats, sugars, hydrates and its low caloric content makes it very attractive for consumers who love lightness and good health. P Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio is an excellent option to spread on breads, diet cookies, combine with salads or simply to enjoy it alone.

    Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio is made from pasteurized skimmed milk with excellent natural quality milk proteins, combined with modified starch, aromas, colours (carotene), sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), lactic ferment, mango puree, mashed pear, chocolate the perfect combination for a delicious and nutritious snack for any time of the day.


    Why trying Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio?

    Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio offers freshness and natural benefits of its main ingredient. This product is soft, light and has authentic flavours, with the delicious aroma that you only find in vanilla and mint. Its natural ingredients makes it a very attractive proposal for lovers of a healthy and natural lifestyle such as vegetarians, athletes, vegans and fans of healthy and light food.

    Cheese is considered a product which is rich in amino acids, calcium, protein, folic acid, and vitamin B, so it can be combined with other natural ingredients and proteins. It adapts to family tastes and needs. It can be shared in meetings with friends or as a snack while you have a walk.


    Recommended daily dose of Profeel Fresh Cheese Protein by Valio

    • Eat the amount you want.
    • It is an excellent option for any day of the week.
    • Add it to your main meals or as desired.
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